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In our ongoing quest to provide current and accurate information about child care pay rates in our region, it’s time to update our Nanny Share Pay Rate Survey!

We last surveyed our members about nanny share pay rates in January 2019. You can find the results of that survey here.

Today we present our January 2020 Nanny Share Pay Rate Survey!

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So you found the right nanny, verified their background check is clear and they have accepted your offer. Congratulations! You’re almost done!

While it may seem that the hard work is behind you, there is one more important decision for you and your family to make: do you hire a nanny payroll company to take care of paying your nanny or do you handle payroll yourself?

nanny payroll company

This critical decision can be the difference between hours of frustration and scrambling or a turn key solution which only requires a few minutes of your time each month.

First, let’s get this out of the way…

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Over the past several years, we have asked our members to complete pay rate surveys to provide the parents, care providers, and agencies of our region a snapshot of the average pay for different child care scenarios (i.e. one child, two children, nanny shares, sitter, part-time, etc).

You can find the results of those surveys by clicking here.

We wanted to take this opportunity to update the pay rate information for caring for one child part time as it has been over a year since we last surveyed our community.

how much to pay nanny

Today, we present the results of our November 2019 Caring for One Child Part Time Nanny Pay Rate Survey. Has the average hourly rate increased or decreased? What care/household duties do most providers handle when caring for one child part time? Continue reading to find out!

What are you paying or being paid to care for one child part time? Comment below and thanks to all who participated!

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There is so much to love about the holidays in the Seattle area!

We love finding new ways to create lasting memories and also begin new traditions each year, or find new and unique shops for finding that perfect gift. Some are nice to check out a time or two, and some have become favorite outings or shops that my family looks forward visiting to annually.

This year, I chatted with dozens of NPC members, friends, and neighbors to come up with Seattle’s FAVORITE Holiday Things. I wanted to hear about the traditions, shops, events, and activities that people enjoy this time of year.

So, what are Seattle’s Favorite Holiday Things? Here is what Seattle residents are buzzing about this year:

Favorite Thing #1: Fun with Trains…and Boats!
Santa Train out of Snoqualmie

The Santa Train has been a favorite tradition for families in the area since 1969. Hop on the train at the North Bend Depot for a quaint ride to Snoqualmie. While there, check out the Snoqualmie Depot for a visit with Santa Claus. Our family has gone before and it’s really fun! Enjoy cookies and cocoa or coffee on the Museum’s restored railway kitchen car and visit local shops and attractions before the train ride back to the North Bend Depot.

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December… that time of year again where we clean up dinner, get the kids dressed in their pajamas, and head out in the car to look at the holiday lights! We have a few favorite locations (close to home!) like Olympic Manor and Candy Cane Lane, but have made a point to check out some new locations a little further out.

We have updated our Interactive Holiday Lights Map with several new locations this year!

seattle holiday lights

At some point in this tradition, my five year old got the idea there would be candy cane handouts for cars driving through the neighborhood light displays (I blame the husband). We haven’t found such a neighborhood yet, but some locations like the Evergreen Church in Bothell do have free cocoa and cookies. Perhaps a trip up that way is in order for our family this year 🙂

We hope you find this map useful. Happy Holidays!

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After five months, countless hours of building and refining, and an invaluable amount of feedback from a handful of care providers and parents…

I am so excited to announce that our CareCalendar is now live!


The idea for the CareCalendar has been brewing for several years now because of one simple reality: it is much harder to find care providers for short term or temporary child care than for a long term gig. On top of this, I constantly hear from care providers that while they already have a long term care arrangement, they would like to make extra income because they are saving to move into a larger home, have kids, take a dream vacation, or would like some extra dollars for the holidays.

The husband and I started kicking around the idea of an online calendar where parents and care providers could search for child care opportunities on certain days or times or post their own need or opportunity…

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one child part time


In our ongoing quest to provide current and accurate information about child care pay rates in our region, it’s time to update our Caring for One Child Part Time Pay Rate Survey!

We last surveyed our members about part time pay rates to care for one child in July 2018. You can find the results of that survey here.

Today we present our November 2019 Caring for One Child Part Time Pay Rate Survey!

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santa photos

Braving the long lines and limited parking at area shopping malls so that our children can sit with Santa for 60 seconds or so has been a tradition in our house. A tradition that truly isn’t that enjoyable for my husband and I nor our children. The whole experience can feel rushed and “cheap”.

So, I set out to find a less chaotic and more magical experience for our family. I found something amazing that I wanted to share with you and your family. But hurry, there are limited spaces and they are booking up quickly! Continue reading “Best Santa Photos in Seattle – Only a Few Slots Left!”

clean your room

Raise your hand if you wish you had more organization in your life!

Now raise your hand if you don’t have the bandwidth or mental capacity at the end of the day to:

  • Pick up after your children
  • Try to determine what toys, books, etc. that the kids no longer use
  • Measure walls and floor space
  • Research bins and organization systems
  • Buy said bins and systems
  • Install said systems
  • Organize small toys and knickknacks
  • Go on Goodwill runs

You get my point 🙂

My older boys have never been able to keep their room clean – until now. What’s the secret? Read on to find out!

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