Little one home sick? Daycare closed today? Need child care NOW?

Find a last minute nanny or babysitter instantly using our text message notification system!


If you need last minute care now, later today, or in the next couple of days, simply fill out the form below and click Submit. Within a few minutes, the details of your child care need will be sent via text message to all subscribed care providers. Interested care providers can fill your child care need by sending you a text message or by calling you directly. Make sure you check out this article for some great tips on using our Last Minute Care Text Service!


Enter your Facebook profile name and mobile number on the form below and click Sign Up. When a parent has a last minute care need, we will send the details of the opportunity to you via text message along with the parent’s phone number. You can then text or call them if you would like to offer your services.

Questions? Email us at [email protected] or call/text (425) 243-7032.

Note: Due to the costs associated with this service, only registered members of this site may access this system.

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This system is active from 6:00am to 11:00pm each day. If you request last minute care after 11:00pm or before 6:00am, the request will be sent at 6:00am.

Before you submit your request, a quick word about pay rates for last minute child care…

Most nannies that I know will charge a slightly higher hourly rate for last minute care or care for a sick child. Helping a family out with child care on short notice might mean the care provider has to cancel or reschedule plans for the day. Caring for a sick child carries the risk that the care provider will get sick themselves and potentially miss out on working at their regular job. Nannies have shared that the pay needs to be worth this additional risk for anything beyond a minor cold.

For last minute care requests for one child, plan to offer a rate in the $20 to $25/hour range. For two children, I suggest offering $23 to $28/hour. If the child (or children) is sick, the likelihood the request will be fulfilled will increase if the rate is on the higher end. I’ve seen rates offered in the $15-18 per hour range for last minute care go unfilled, probably because the rate being offered just wasn’t high enough. Conversely, I have never seen a care request offering $25/hour go unfilled.

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Is transportation of the child/children required? If a care provider has another child they are caring for, is it okay for them to bring that child? Do you have pets? Any allergies or special needs?

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