How much do nannies charge?

With your help, we provide up-to-date nanny compensation information to thousands of parents, nannies, and agencies across Western Washington.

Nanny Parent Connection is a community of parents, care providers, and agencies working together to ensure excellent childcare for our little ones. We number over 22,000 members and are located in the Puget Sound region of Washington.

Every year, we ask our community and neighbors to complete a pay rate survey so that we may provide a snapshot of the average childcare costs for different scenarios (i.e. one child, two children, nanny shares, sitter, part-time, etc.) as well as other information. You can find the results of our past surveys by clicking the below button.

View Past Survey Results

Scroll down to review the results of our 2024 Childcare Pay Survey. If you have any questions about the results, feel free to email us here.



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