Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Concierge Service cost?

We charge a registration fee of $500.00 to begin working with your family. Once we place a care provider with your family, we charge a placement fee.

If you need the provider to start between 60 and 90 days of the search beginning, the placement fee is $999.00.

If you need the provider to start between 30 and 60 days of the search beginning, the placement fee is $1,499.00.

If you need an urgent search and need the provider to start in the next 30 days, the placement fee is $1,999.00.

Are there any other costs involved? Do I have to pay for the background check?

Nope! There are no other costs or fees involved with our Concierge Service. The price you see is the price you pay!

What is your success rate for matching families with care providers through the Concierge Service?

Currently, we have a 99% success rate in matching families with care providers.

If your team is unable to find the right care provider for my family, do I still have to pay the placement fee?

No. If we are unable to find an amazing provider for your family (which rarely happens), you do not pay the placement fee.

I’ve noticed that you operate a very large Facebook community. Do you only use that community to source care provider candidates?

No, when we are working with your family through our Concierge Service, we use a variety of resources to find the best match for your child care needs. While this may include our Facebook community, we also utilize an extensive database of childcare providers that we have built over the past five years along with other proprietary sources to find care provider candidates.

How do I handle paying my care provider? How do I withhold taxes? Can you help?

Not to worry. We have several tools that can help ensure you are paying your nanny and withholding taxes correctly. First, we offer a Payroll Service where our team takes care of all payroll related tasks for you. This is a very popular option as the cost starts at $75/month. For those families who would like to handle payroll processing themselves, we offer our Pay Calculator. Our Library also has a tremendous amount of information about how to pay your provider correctly.

My child has special needs and I am looking for a care provider with a unique skill-set. Can I still use the Concierge Service?

Of course! In fact depending on the skill-set you are looking for, the Concierge Service might be the best way to find that unique care provider as we can quickly search through thousands of care provider candidates in our region.

I don’t live in the Seattle, WA area but would like to use the Concierge Service. Is that possible?

Yes! Please contact us via email here to let us know where you are located. We may have some amazing candidates located near you!