Most parents and care providers are not attorneys.

That’s why we have worked with our attorney to create an easy to understand household employee agreement specific to Washington.


A written agreement fosters open communications and clear expectations which are key to ensuring the relationship with your care provider goes smoothly. Unfortunately, most nanny contracts are filled with confusing legal jargon which many of us don’t understand. 


While there are many free “nanny contracts” available online, most do not include important laws and regulations such as paid sick leave that are required in Washington. Will your household employee be employed in Seattle? This agreement has you covered. 

Price $29.99


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The agreement is FREE for families who have purchased an annual membership. Click the link at the bottom of this page to download.


Step #1: Complete your purchase and download the document below. We have provided this to you in Microsoft® Word format so that you can edit any part of the agreement.

Step #2: We have included placeholder text in red to show you what specific information you may want to include. 

Step #3: When completed, print or email a copy to your care provider.

You will have access to our nanny contract for six months in case you need to download another copy in the future.

Questions? Email us at or call (425) 243-7032.

While you are free to make any changes to this document that you like, we recommend that you review the information in our library to ensure that you are not removing important clauses which may lead to problems in the future. 

Consult professional legal advice if you have any questions about this agreement or what information to include. We cannot provide legal advice or representation. Use of this document is subject to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Below is a low quality sample of the agreement

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