Hi everyone! It’s Laura from Nanny Parent Connection.

Considering having a nanny watch your children overnight? Or going on vacation and want to take your nanny with you?

How much do you pay for overnight or vacation child care? Do you pay a flat fee or per hour? Or both?

I’ve got you covered! Check out my recent video where I discuss all things overnight/vacation child care related. I hope you find it useful!

In today’s video, I discuss:

– What Is the Best Way to Pay My Nanny for Overnight Care?

– Rules of Thumb You Will Want to Follow

– What Job Duties Are Okay to Ask of Your Nanny During Your Time Away?

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Hi everyone! It’s Laura back to talk about something that is impacting each of us on a daily basis….inflation.

It seems that anytime we turn on the news these days, we hear about rising inflation. Nearly everything is more expensive this year than it was last year. Inflation is driving up the cost of everything from food to gasoline prices to your morning coffee, and it’s even increasing the cost of working with a nanny.

But what is inflation? How is inflation affecting the nanny world?

Check out my latest video where I discuss how inflation is impacting both parents and nannies plus some great tips on how to save money on childcare during this time of increasing costs.

In today’s video, I discuss:

– What is inflation?

– What causes inflation?

– Some trends I am seeing in the nanny world as a result of inflation

– Several great tips on how you can save money on childcare

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Hi everyone! It’s Laura from Nanny Parent Connection.

Happy September! The other night while struggling to fall asleep, I came across this hilarious website of the secret thoughts of nannies. I had to share some of my thoughts and reactions with you!

While all of these “things nannies don’t say out loud” are humorous, there are some important lessons to learn here such as why parents shouldn’t open the door for the nanny in their bathrobe (could make the nanny feel uncomfortable) or making sure that the Ipad or tablet your child has access to is not synced to your phone (your nanny doesn’t want to see your private text messages).

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What happens if your nanny is injured while caring for your children? Are they covered through your homeowner’s insurance policy? Or your umbrella policy? Are you on the hook for medical bills? How much do you have to pay?

Check out my latest video where I share a real world story about a nanny falling down the stairs and breaking her leg while at work. I cover who is responsible for paying the nanny’s medical bills, how to protect yourself in case this happens in your home plus:

– Homeowner’s Insurance Policy Coverage

– Umbrella Policy Coverage

– Workers Compensation Insurance Policy

– How to setup Workers Compensation Insurance

– How much does Workers Compensation Insurance cost?

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Hi everyone! It’s Laura back with my next video. Today, I am going to share the top skills, attributes, and traits families are REALLY looking for in a nanny.

Looking to separate yourself from other nannies that might be applying for the same job?

Check out my top tips on what parents are looking for in a nanny. I developed these tips from over 5,000 family interviews!

In today’s video, I discuss:

– Skills And Qualifications

– Most Requested Attributes or Characteristic Traits for Nannies

– Top On-The-Job Interactions

Pro Tip: You don’t have to have a “perfect” driving record. A speeding ticket or accident is normally not a deal breaker for parents.

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Hi everyone!

It’s very common for a nanny to transport your kids to and from school and as well as to activities like the park, movies, or sports practice.

If driving is one of your nanny’s job duties, make sure your kids… and nanny are safe!

In today’s video, “Do You Need To Add Your Nanny To Your Car Insurance?”, I discuss my top tips including:

– Important tips to consider if your nanny is driving their own car

Things to consider when the nanny is driving a family’s car

The nanny’s responsibilities when driving children

– How to reimburse for mileage

– Worker’s Compensation Insurance

– Vehicle inspections and much more!

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Nanny Driving


Hi everyone! It’s Laura back with my next video.

We all know that inflation is making our everyday expenses cost more. But how can you save money on childcare which can be a huge monthly expense? Consider a nanny share which can save you thousands of dollars in childcare costs annually.

First, what is a nanny share?

A nanny share is when two or more families that live in roughly the same neighborhood decide to hire a nanny to care for their children. In most nanny shares, the families switch off on hosting duties where one family will host all of the children and nanny for one week and then the hosting duties will switch to the other family for the following week.

Currently, it is costing the average family who lives in a large city in the United States about $22-$27/hr to hire a nanny to care for one child. And the rates go up from there if you have two or more children.

With a nanny share, you can expect to pay about 33% less for childcare or about $16-$20/hr per family for one child. As you can see, the nanny’s hourly rate is split between two families instead of in a traditional nanny relationship where one family is responsible for the nanny’s entire hourly rate.

In today’s video, I discuss:

– What Is a nanny share?

– Why choose a nanny share?

– How much does each family pay in a nanny share?

– How do you find a nanny share nanny?

– Should you find a nanny or a family to partner with first?

– The pros and cons of nanny shares

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Hi everyone!

I’m back with my next video that focuses on nanny binders. Wait, what is a nanny binder?

A nanny binder is a collection of all important information that your nanny or sitter might need to ensure your kids are safe including topics such as:

– Food allergies

– Your emergency contact info and what to do if there is an emergency

– How to close and lock that sticky door or window

As well as other tidbits of information like your home’s wi-fi password, how to operate the heating/cooling system, and that little Johnny can’t get to sleep without his favorite blanket 🙂

Nanny binders are especially important (and helpful) if you have a new sitter watch your kids or routinely cycle through different care providers.

Pro Tip: Make sure that you leave the nanny binder on the kitchen counter, dining room table or another highly visible location. You don’t want your provider to be scrambling searching for the binder in case there is an emergency.

In today’s video, I focus on what a nanny binder is, why they are important and what to include. I hope you find it useful!

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Hi everyone!

Today I’m excited to release Episode #4 in my new series, “From Babysitter to Nanny”. In this series, I will walk you through a tutorial I’ve built for how to get started as a nanny.

Is this series for you? If you are looking to get into the nanny world and either a) don’t have any childcare experience or b) are currently working as a sitter, part-time camp counselor, or daycare worker, this series has you covered!

In Episode #1, I covered my eight steps to becoming a babysitter which is a great place to start gaining experience. I discussed training through babysitter classes to how to find babysitting gigs all the way through setting up a digital business card and online payments to make it easier for parents to pay you for babysitting. To watch that episode, click the image below:

In Episode #2, I summarized what parents are looking for from a sitter. To watch that episode, click the image below:

In Episode #3, I discussed my top tips that you should consider as you transition to working as a nanny. To watch that episode, click the image below:

In today’s video, “How To Become A Nanny – From Babysitter to Nanny Series – Ep. 4”, I go over the final steps to take before you start looking for your first nanny job. Once you’ve taken these steps, you’re ready to start looking for nanny positions!

I discuss:

– Make sure you have enough experience

– Have your resume and references ready to go (make sure your resume is in PDF format)

– Run a background check….on yourself!

– Standard pay rates (and benefits) in your area

– Usual vs. unusual job duties

– Your “care” philosophy

Pro Tip #1: A resume that highlights your childcare experience and strength is SO important these days. Don’t have a resume yet? I’ve got you covered with a tutorial on how to write an amazing resume. Watch that video here.

Pro Tip #2: Very few nannies run a background check on themselves (which they can show to future parent employers). Set yourself apart from other nannies you might be competing against by running a background check on yourself! To check out our background check system, click here.

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how to become a nanny

Hi everyone!

Summertime will be here before we know it and I’m already seeing both nannies and families start to schedule child care for the summer.

For many families, finding summertime child care can be a STRUGGLE because there is so much competition for available nannies. Check out my top 10 tips for how to find a summertime nanny!

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summertime nanny


In today’s video, “Top 10 Tips to Find A Summertime Nanny”, I discuss my top suggestions to find a summertime nanny to ensure you and your family aren’t left scrambling as summer kicks off!

I go over:

– When to start your search

– Decide how much you can afford

– Consider working with a college student

– Why a nanny share might be the best solution

…. and six other great tips that will help you find that dream summertime nanny!

The MOST important tip that I can share with you is to start your search now (late April/early May) if you plan to hire a nanny in June.