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With access to over ONE BILLION individual records covering almost every offense in the USA, our background check system will scan all available records and alert you to any potential hits. Contact our team and we can help you choose the right background check and even understand the results! Plus, with our Vetted Candidate Guarantee*, you’re sure to get an employee who has a clean criminal background check.




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Note: New York OCA searches are an additional $100.00. Terms and conditions apply for our Vetted Candidate Guarantee. Click here for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never ran a background check before and am feeling totally lost. Help!

We’ve all been there! Take a moment to check out this excellent article on how background checks work and why you should ALWAYS run a background check on potential nannies, sitters, and au pairs. You might also want to check out this video for an explanation of why our system is different than others.

I’ve noticed that other background check companies require me to input “company information”. I don’t have a company. Can I order a background check through Nanny Parent Connection?

Yes! We don’t require you to input any company information. All you need is your name, billing address and email to order a background check.

How does the background check system work?

We specifically designed this system so that you can order a background check in less than five minutes. All we need from you is the candidate’s name and email address. Once the background check order is placed, Sterling (our background check processor) emails your candidate to begin the authorization process. Most candidates complete the authorization in a few minutes. The background check process then begins and results will be emailed to you usually within one to three days if no hits are found. No additional work needed from you and the system is available 24 hours/day, 365 days/year.

Do I need to purchase a membership in order to use the background check system?

No. You don’t need to purchase a membership although we do offer discounted pricing on all of our background checks if you have an active Family/Parent, Care Provider, or Agency membership.

What specific information about my candidate do I need to have ready before ordering the background check?

The only information that we need from you is your candidate’s first name, last name and email address. Our system takes care of collecting the rest of the required information (address, Social Security number or tax id number, etc.) from the candidate during the authorization process. Our goal is for the nanny background check ordering process to take five minutes or less!

My candidate doesn’t have a Social Security number. Can I still use your background check system?

Yes! As long as your candidate has a tax id number or ITIN, our system can process the order.

I see two different prices for the package I am interested in. Can you explain the difference?

Sure. We offer our registered members a discount on background checks. If you are not a registered member, the price for each package is the top number. If you are a member, you will pay the discounted price at the bottom for that specific nanny background check. Interested in becoming a member? We would love to have you! Learn more and sign up here.

Besides the price for the background check package I select, are there any other fees that I need to be aware of?

For most customers, no. The price you see is the price you pay. If your candidate currently lives in New York or has lived there in the past seven years, a New York Statewide Criminal History (or OCA Search) may be triggered. There is an additional fee for New York OCA searches of $100.00. This is a fee charged by the New York OCA, not Nanny Parent Connection.

I would like to purchase a background check on someone who is not going to work as my nanny, babysitter or tutor. Is that okay?

No problem! Our system works for all candidates no matter their occupation or location. We have customers that use our system to run background checks on coaches, church volunteers/employees, elder care workers, school volunteers, etc. Make sure you understand the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) laws and regulations regarding employment background checks conducted by a third party. You can find that information here.

Can you explain in more detail what the various package features are?

Social Security # Trace 

The crucial first step for identifying residential history, aliases, and other key data points in order to complete the most extensive and thorough certified background check. Not all SSN traces are the same. Using Sterling’s cutting edge resources, we are able to identify the most complex data points while eliminating erroneous and costly information found in other’s trace products. The trace identifies residential history, aliases, and other key data points in order to complete our background checks. Click here to order your background check.

Enhanced Nationwide Criminal Database Search

The Enhanced Nationwide Criminal Database Search (ENCD) searches nearly one billion offense records in this instant, 50-state, multi-jurisdictional search. The database is a compilation of criminal records, information from municipal, circuit, district and superior court repositories, as well as the Department of Corrections, the FBI, U.S. Marshal, U.S. Customs, the DEA, Secret Service and the Department of Justice. The ENCD search does not include county criminal records. Click here to order your household employee background check.

Department of Justice (DOJ) National Sex Offender Search

There are currently hundreds of thousands of registered sex offenders nationwide. Under the legislation of Megan’s Law, sexual offenders are required to register when they change their residence. Sterling’s multi-state database is a collection of stored data from multiple state registries. All potential records found from this search are automatically confirmed from the actual source to ensure accuracy and completeness to meet FCRA reporting compliance. Click here to order your nanny background check.

Criminal Records – Current County (7 Year Historical Search)

County Criminal Records Searches are the gold standard for any complete nanny background check. Sterling’s County Criminal Record Searches check records at both the misdemeanor and felony levels for the county that your care provider candidate currently resides in. This search is the most in-depth way to get accurate and timely results. Sterling has a vast team of records professionals who conduct in-person searches at courthouses in all US jurisdictions, including territories. This search helps look beyond a candidate’s residential history. With just a name and date of birth, investigators are able to locate offenses across the country. The Sterling team makes sure the information you receive is confirmed and reported in full compliance of FCRA. Click here to order your background check.

Criminal Records – All Counties of Residence (7 Year Historical Search)

Virtually identical to the Criminal Records – Current County (7 Year Historical Search) feature but checks records at both the misdemeanor and felony levels for ALL counties that your care provider candidate resided in over the past seven years. Click here to order your background check.

Motor Vehicles Record (MVR) Search

Before you hire your care provider and hand over the keys, this one-time check will search your candidate’s Motor Vehicle Records. Driving records are available in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Canada and internationally. Instant MVRs are available in the majority of states. Results are returned to you in an easy-to-read report that includes license type, standing, and any violations, suspensions, or convictions incurred. Click here to order your nanny background check.

Extended Global Sanctions Search

The Extended Global Sanctions Search examines millions of records worldwide sourced from foreign governments, courts, regulatory enforcement, law enforcement agencies, and other public and proprietary data sources around the globe. Data sources are subject to availability and applicable reporting restrictions. This search reviews restriction, sanction, and exclusion records maintained by US and international legal and regulatory enforcement organizations and public sources, and includes sources containing information from 1,700+ watchlists and sanctions with 4+ million records, as well as Politically Exposed Persons (PEP). Click here to order your tutor background check.

My care provider candidate recently moved from a different state. Will the background check search records from where she previously lived?

Definitely! Make sure you order the Premium Plus package which will complete a search of all U.S. counties that the candidate resided over the past seven years. 

I don’t live in Washington state. Can I still purchase a background check?

Not a problem. Through our partnership with Sterling, we can process nanny background checks no matter where you live in the United States (including the District of Columbia). For the Premium and Premium Plus packages which include county court record searches, all courthouse access fees are included in the package price except for any New York court record searches. There is an additional fee for New York OCA searches of $100.00. This is a fee charged by the New York OCA, not Nanny Parent Connection.

I’ve heard I should only use FCRA compliant background checks. What is FCRA?

The FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) is the federal law regulating employment background checks. Even though the term “credit” is used, the FCRA law applies to all employment background checks conducted by a third party whether the check includes a credit report or not. All of Sterling’s background checks are FCRA compliant and in addition, Sterling is one of only a small percentage of background screening firms in the world to have earned the distinguished Seal of Accreditation through the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS).  To become accredited, Sterling passed a rigorous on-site audit of their policies, procedures and best practices.

I would like to purchase a Premium or Premium Plus background check but my candidate doesn’t have a driver’s license. What should I do?

No problem! Go ahead and place your background check order and then send us an email by clicking here. We will then modify your order to remove the Motor Vehicles Record Search.

I am a child care agency representative and would like to purchase a nanny background check for a care provider candidate. Is that okay?

Yes! If you plan on running multiple background checks, we suggest that you purchase a membership so that you receive the discounted pricing.

I would like to check on the status of my background check order. How do I do that?

We’re happy to check on the status of your nanny background check order. For security and data privacy reasons, we do not publish any specific information about background check orders on our website. Please email us here or call/text us at (425) 243-7032.

I received my background check report but am unsure about a few things that I am seeing. Can you help me understand the different components and results?

Of course! We have a specific video about how to read and interpret our background check reports. Click here to check out that video.

Have a question we haven’t answered? Email us here or call/text us at (425) 243-7032

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