Hi everyone! It’s Laura from Nanny Parent Connection.

Considering having a nanny watch your children overnight? Or going on vacation and want to take your nanny with you?

How much do you pay for overnight or vacation child care? Do you pay a flat fee or per hour? Or both?

I’ve got you covered! Check out my recent video where I discuss all things overnight/vacation child care related. I hope you find it useful!

In today’s video, I discuss:

– What Is the Best Way to Pay My Nanny for Overnight Care?

– Rules of Thumb You Will Want to Follow

– What Job Duties Are Okay to Ask of Your Nanny During Your Time Away?

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A transcript of the video can be found below: 

Hi everyone, Laura from Nanny Parent Connection here.

Summertime is upon us, and whether you’re taking a quick getaway without the kids or a family vacation this summer, chances are you might need overnight or travel nanny care during that time.

If you don’t need nanny care during that time, you might be wondering, what is appropriate and acceptable to ask of your nanny during that time your family is away?

Today I’m going to cover how to handle these topics.

The most common question I get regarding overnight care is…

What is the best way to pay my nanny for overnight care?

It’s most typical to pay your nanny their regular hourly rate for any of the child’s waking hours.

For sleeping hours, you would pay a flat rate of $100 to $150, but keep in mind that this amount might vary from nanny to nanny.

And if your child wakes up during the nighttime, your nanny’s regular hourly rate would then kick back in for that time.

If you’re planning some family travel and plan to take your nanny along as well, there are some rules of thumb you will want to follow.

First, make sure to discuss all aspects of travel with your nanny.

This will allow your nanny a chance to ask questions and make sure they can clarify any questions they have with you.

I always recommend following up these types of conversations with an email to summarize what was discussed and ensure that everyone can be on the same page with how the child care the travel and accommodations for the nanny are handled.

Your nanny’s airfare, air travel time and car travel time, to and from the airport, and to and from the hotel should also be covered at their regular hourly rate if any child care is expected from them during that time.

If your nanny will not be providing child care during air and travel time, you may ask your nanny if they are open to a flat rate for these travel hours.

Just make sure you discuss this with your nanny so that everyone is on the same page and it feels fair to your nanny.

Ideally, your nanny will have an entirely separate room to sleep and stay in at the hotel or vacation rental.

Many nannies charge a daily flat fee and ask for a daily meal stipend on top of what their regular hourly rate is for any child care hours provided.

This can help them cover the financial and time cost of being away from home.

It can help them to cover the more expensive meals they might have to buy from eating out more frequently.

And, it can help them to cover the cost of any needed pet care or child care while they are away from their own home.

Maybe your family is traveling this summer and you will not be bringing your nanny along on your trip.

In this case, what job duties are okay to ask of your nanny during your time away?

Well, the correct answer is any of the job duties they are typically responsible for while performing their job in your home.

This could include job duties such as rotating out children’s clothing, organizing and tidying rooms, or organizing children’s closets.

This could even mean watering plants, providing pet care, or collecting mail while you’re away.

So long as these are typical duties that they perform for the job in your home.

If the job duties that you need while on vacation are not the typical job duties, your nanny would perform while you were at home, then they are not contractually obligated to perform these job duties while you are away on vacation.

Now, if you would like help from your nanny with these job duties that are not typical of the role they perform in your home, have a conversation with your nanny and ask them if they would be open to performing these additional job duties while you’re away.

If they agree to it, great! However, don’t expect that they will dog-sit, house-sit, or water your garden while you were away.

Because those job duties were not discussed at the beginning of the position when they accepted their role with your family.

And remember, if you are taking the nanny’s work away from them, such as is the case when your children are on a family vacation with you, you should still be paying your nanny under guaranteed hours.

Alright everyone, I hope that helps you to navigate overnight care traveling with your nanny, and traveling without your nanny this summer.

I hope this video was helpful. If you liked it please click on the like button, subscribe, or ring the bell so that you can be notified when more of these videos come out next time.

Happy summer everyone, bye!


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