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In our ongoing quest to provide current and accurate information about child care pay rates in our region, it’s time to update our Caring for One Child Part Time Pay Rate Survey!

We last surveyed our members about part time pay rates to care for one child in July 2018. You can find the results of that survey here.

Today we present our November 2019 Caring for One Child Part Time Pay Rate Survey!

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santa photos

Braving the long lines and limited parking at area shopping malls so that our children can sit with Santa for 60 seconds or so has been a tradition in our house. A tradition that truly isn’t that enjoyable for my husband and I nor our children. The whole experience can feel rushed and “cheap”.

So, I set out to find a less chaotic and more magical experience for our family. I found something amazing that I wanted to share with you and your family. But hurry, there are limited spaces and they are booking up quickly! Continue reading “Best Santa Photos in Seattle – Only a Few Slots Left!”

clean your room

Raise your hand if you wish you had more organization in your life!

Now raise your hand if you don’t have the bandwidth or mental capacity at the end of the day to:

  • Pick up after your children
  • Try to determine what toys, books, etc. that the kids no longer use
  • Measure walls and floor space
  • Research bins and organization systems
  • Buy said bins and systems
  • Install said systems
  • Organize small toys and knickknacks
  • Go on Goodwill runs

You get my point 🙂

My older boys have never been able to keep their room clean – until now. What’s the secret? Read on to find out!

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In June 2018, a Seattle area nanny was caught on a nanny camera abusing a child. The family installed the camera after receiving a tip. She was charged with child assault.

In July 2018, a nanny cam showed a Kent babysitter repeatedly assaulting a three month old baby. She was charged with child assault.

hidden nanny camera

In July of this year, another nanny in the Seattle area was caught on camera shaking a 10 month old baby. She was charged with child assault.

These situations are extremely upsetting to hear about, and for some parents it is the reason they shy away from working with sitters or nannies.

It’s important to note that these stories are not the norm – Seattle has a fantastic nanny community made up of many caring individuals who would never harm a child. In fact, the Seattle nanny community was instrumental in bringing the nanny from the June 2018 incident to justice – and policing the nanny forums when that particular individual tried to continue to offer child care services even after her arrest.

hidden nanny camera

When parents hear about these stories they often discuss installing a nanny cam.

However, nanny cams are not just for catching those endangering children. There can be many benefits to nanny cam monitoring as well.

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Most kids are back to school now (did you hear the collective high fives from parents all around you?!) and despite the best laid plans, things don’t always play out the way you had envisioned.

amazon gift card

My oldest started out middle school this year by forgetting his lunch, and having his school bus run an hour late. We drove him to school and then had to drive back to school again to bring his lunch to the office. His lunch never connected with him – thankfully, I made him stash some emergency cash in his backpack which he used to buy his meal!

This part was not necessarily funny (though I am chuckling about it today), but it was funny when my husband came downstairs to find him fully dressed, even with coat, backpack and shoes on A FULL HOUR EARLY, just staring at the wall contemplating his first day of middle school 🙂

We would love to hear funny first day of school stories from YOU! Please submit your stories in the comments below. We will select the top five stories at the end of this week and have community members vote on their favorite between September 16th and 20th. The story with the most votes will win a $50 Amazon gift card!

P.S. Don’t forget to include your Facebook profile name at the end of your story so that we can contact you if you’re the winner!

No purchase necessary. Contest open to all residents of the State of Washington. Contest submissions must be received by 11:59pm PST on September 15, 2019. Winner will be chosen and notified between September 16 and September 20, 2019. Contest offered by Nanny Parent Connection LLC – 4730 University Way NE, Suite #104 – Seattle, WA 98105. 


The husband takes our kids to Carkeek Park several times a week during the summer to run around, climb on the playground equipment, and dig in the sand. All of our little ones are fascinated by the freight, Sounder and Amtrak trains that go zooming past several times per day. So he came up with a novel idea: a train ride for the kids! Read on to hear about their adventure…

Link Light Rail

Laura is correct – our kids are absolutely fascinated by trains. So I decided to take them on a train ride! Given the fact that our twins are two years old and still require a nap in order to prevent insanity and meltdowns, my #1 goal with this train trip was to have it last no more than three hours “door to door”. Also, I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on tickets.

Unfortunately, we are a bit limited in our area with passenger heavy rail service. We’re stuck with either Amtrak or the Sound Transit Sounder which runs from Everett to Lakewood.


Proposed Route: Everett to Tacoma

Being a native of Seattle, I can recall from an early age hearing adults speak pretty poorly about Amtrak and its service. While I have never ridden an Amtrak train before, I do hear from friends/family that the service is much improved although you do need to be aware of delays and service interruptions.

My initial thought was, “Hey, let’s jump on an Amtrak train from Everett to Tacoma and then come back”. Yeah….that didn’t happen. Here’s why:

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The start of the school year is just around the corner for most families in Seattle (parents rejoice!). In my house we have been busy checking to see what clothes and shoes still fit and what sizes we need, and getting ready to rotate summer clothes out and fall/winter clothing in.

nanny school

We have a big shift this year with one kiddo heading off to a new school, and riding the school bus instead of walking. (This is also the first year his hair style matters and he wanted to choose his own clothes for school, and there have been multiple requests for a cell phone…and I don’t suppose these will be disappearing in the foreseeable future!) For us, this means a lot of schedule changes and coordinating with family and care providers.

A lot of parents rely on before and after school help with their children and will be working with a new nanny this school year. (If you are one of the many families still looking for help, please check out these tips on our Before and After School Care Map).

Perhaps you already have a nanny, but the start of the school year means your child care needs have changed. Whether you will be working with a new nanny for the upcoming school year, or you already have nanny care in place, it’s important to take the following things into consideration to ensure a smooth working relationship for everyone involved.

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The weather has finally gotten the message that it’s SUMMER and we have been having some nice, HOT sunny days! Bring on the season of not having to make school lunches (yay!), and 85+ degree days with no air conditioning (boo)!

summertime activities

I’m really looking forward to getting out and about with the kids, but I also want to avoid getting stuck in a rut of doing the same handful of outings and activities each week. My kids definitely don’t need fancy (they can play for hours in a hole filled with water at the beach), but I want to expose them to a lot of different and enriching activities.

If you have found you’re stuck in a rut, are hearing “I’m bored!” several times a day, or maybe just need some additional summertime activities, please check out these tips below!

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Over the past several years, we have asked our members to complete pay rate surveys to provide the parents, care providers, and agencies of our region a snapshot of the average pay for different child care scenarios (i.e. one child, two children, nanny shares, sitter, part-time, etc).

You can find the results of those surveys by clicking here.

We wanted to take this opportunity to update the pay rate information for caring for two children from the same family as it has been over a year since we last surveyed our community and the new school year is fast approaching!

two children nanny pay

Today, we present the results of our June 2019 Caring for Two Children Nanny Pay Rate Survey. Has the average hourly rate increased or decreased? Continue reading to find out!

What are you paying or being paid to care for two children? Comment below and thanks to all who participated!

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If you are a nanny or employ a nanny in Seattle, you need to read this:

Last summer the Seattle Office of Labor and Standards passed the Domestic Worker’s Ordinance. This ordinance went into effect July 1, 2019 and it requires meal and rest breaks for nannies.

new nanny law

Meal breaks must be 30 minutes of uninterrupted time where the nanny is completely relieved of their duties. This is effective for nannies who work more than five hours in a day. A nanny can choose to waive their meal period.

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