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Find Seattle nanny jobs and sitter positions in MINUTES! We have the most families searching for long term, short term, date night, and last minute care in the Puget Sound region. Need help offering your services? Just ask our team!

Not sure we are the right fit for you? Our Annual and Monthly memberships both come with a FREE 48 hour trial period. Sign up and check us out – your card won’t be charged until the 48 hour trial has ended. 

Become a Verified Nanny and access our Verified Last Minute Care Service. Earn more money by filling your schedule!

Want to learn more about what we offer? Email us at or call (425) 243-7032.



A savings of over 40%. Best value!

FREE 48 hour trial period

Become a Verified Nanny and receive a FREE Premium Plus background check!

After the trial, one time payment of $35.88




A savings of 20%!

FREE 48 hour trial period

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One Month Access


One time payment

No long term commitment


Nanny Parent Connection is a Seattle based business run by me, a Seattle mother of four. Thank you for supporting local businesses! 

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