On June 9, 2020, Governor Inslee released operational and safety guidelines for how nannies, sitters and in-home child care providers can begin providing services to parents and families again. Unfortunately, many of these guidelines are extremely difficult for a family and care provider to implement and could have a negative impact on the relationship between the provider and children in their care. The Nanny Parent Connection team has carefully reviewed the operational guidelines published by Governor Inslee and has created an informational resource on how care providers and families can interpret these guidelines. To view this resource, please click here.

Like many parents across the country, the husband and I have begun discussing how bringing our nanny back into our home is going to work.

In Washington, Governor Inslee has announced that Phase 2 of the reopening is tentatively scheduled for June 1. This is the the phase where all in-home/domestic services can resume. Essentially, nannies and sitters are allowed to begin working with non-essential employee parents beginning June 1…..subject to change like all things COVID-19 related.

coronavirus nanny

Our children and I miss our nanny so much! We are all excited to see her smiling face and our children are excited to restart some of the special activities/traditions that they have created with her (if you haven’t seen Wonky Donkey, check it out here).

It goes without saying, the hubby and I are excited because we sorely need a break!

The question that we have been wrestling with is how do we safely bring our nanny back into our home and protect her, her family and our family from being infected with COVID-19?

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After five months, countless hours of building and refining, and an invaluable amount of feedback from a handful of care providers and parents…

I am so excited to announce that our CareCalendar is now live!


The idea for the CareCalendar has been brewing for several years now because of one simple reality: it is much harder to find care providers for short term or temporary child care than for a long term gig. On top of this, I constantly hear from care providers that while they already have a long term care arrangement, they would like to make extra income because they are saving to move into a larger home, have kids, take a dream vacation, or would like some extra dollars for the holidays.

The husband and I started kicking around the idea of an online calendar where parents and care providers could search for child care opportunities on certain days or times or post their own need or opportunity…

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When you’re a new parent, figuring out new routines on very little sleep can be challenging.  Perhaps you have a childcare strategy in place by the time your baby arrives.  Wait lists at daycare centers and preschools can be crazy long in Seattle (if you’re panicking and need care but don’t have a spot yet, we have your back!) If you are lucky enough to have found a daycare or will be starting preschool soon, make sure you have the inevitability of germs and sick days on your radar!

We have partnered with Stacey Grumet, Founder and CEO of Paper Pinecone, to learn what to expect with germs in those early care and education years.  Paper Pinecone is a fantastic resource for finding the best daycare and preschool options for your family!  (We also have some solutions for managing sick day childcare like a pro!)

Part I: Daycare and the Immune System

by Stacey Grumet from Paper Pinecone

Colds. Hand, foot, and mouth. Pink eye. Lice. Stomach bugs. Ear infections. Ugh.

Your child just entered preschool and it seems like they’re sick with something new every single week. Daycare and preschool are breeding grounds for viruses that spread like wildfire among children. They don’t wash hands often, don’t cover their mouths when they cough, and allow snot to pour out of their noses without giving consideration to the fact that a tissue could easy take care of the situation.

last minute care

For the first year especially, your child will likely be sick often as the latest illness spreads between children. It’s frustrating and you’re sure to pick up a few yourself.

However, It’s not all terrible news. A ten-year study out of the University of Montreal found that children who attended large childcare facilities suffered more ear infections and respiratory infections at a young age than children who weren’t, however, suffered fewer than their peers when they were school-age.

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