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Hire your care provider. Send us the number of hours worked. We will handle the rest. Starting at $56/month.

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Nannies take care of the most important treasures in our lives. Since they take great care of your family, let’s make sure your nanny is taken care of when it comes to their payroll and taxes. We make it easy so you don’t stress.
WE set up your account, notify all appropriate government agencies and request an Employer Identification Number for you.
YOU send us the number of hours your care provider worked.
WE handle all payroll tasks on the date of your choice including mileage reimbursement, healthcare stipends, etc.
WE pay your care provider using direct deposit or YOU pay your care provider directly via check, electronic transfer, etc.
WE file timely quarterly payroll tax reports and remit taxes on your behalf.
WE calculate, report and remit Washington State Paid Family Leave taxes for you (if applicable).
WE issue a W-2 for your nanny and file your W-3 with the government at the end of the year.
WE are local and just a phone call or email away if you need anything!
We provide expert payroll services in Washington, Idaho, and Oregon

nanny payroll


“No Surprises” Pricing Plan


One Family

$169 per quarter

plus $99 registration fee and $50 annual document preparation fee

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Two Family Nanny Shares

$338 per quarter ($169/family)

plus $150 registration fee ($75/family) and $50 annual document preparation fee

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We’ve partnered with one of the premier accounting firms in Washington…


nanny payroll

Provides household employer accounting and bookkeeping

Certified Public Accountant – Washington State

Over 20 years of accounting experience and 11 years of experience handling employee payroll services

Rest easy! All information is encrypted and secure

Owned by three local women –  Alexis Beechinor, Aly Silva-Monroy and Becki Brack 

“Becki Brack does the books for our business! I’m a retired CPA, so I can tell you from experience that she is the BEST!” 


nanny payroll

“They have been a godsend!  Becki is truly WONDERFUL!!!!  We couldn’t do this without Growing Numbers. They handle everything and it’s a huge relief to know we are legal and all of our paperwork is filed correctly and timely. Honestly can’t say enough good things. Plus their cost is reasonable. Although Scott and I agree we would pay them double for the work they do. Thanks for your help connecting us with them!”

nanny payroll

“The biggest fear I had before hiring Growing Numbers for nanny payroll services was that it would consume a lot of my time, but it was the complete opposite. It’s been stress-free sharing employee hours worked each week and very little effort on my part verifying taxes are being paid on our behalf.”

nanny payroll

“My experience with Becki was great and hassle-free. Washington State does not make it easy to pay just one employee so I was very grateful to have Growing Numbers do the lions share of the legwork; my main duties were signing on the X’s. They were always very thorough in their explanations and prompt to respond to any questions I had. I’d definitely recommend them to anyone considering hiring a nanny or domestic worker. ” 


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Care.com® HomePay℠



$100 Setup Fee

$100 Annual Documentation Fee

Annual Cost = $1,040*

Headquartered in Massachusettes



$99 Setup Fee

$50 Annual Documentation Fee

Annual Cost = $825

Headquarted in Washington

Women Owned Small Business


Homework Solutions, Inc.



$100 Setup Fee

$100 Annual Documentation Fee

Annual Cost = $1,060*

Headquartered in Virginia

*Price comparisons are for personal use and guidance only and do not bind us into any contractual obligation. Named companies were selected for comparison purposes because they are well-known, household employer payroll service companies. All trademarks and trade names used in price comparisons are acknowledged to be the copyright of their respective owners. Price comparison figures are based upon prices published by the named companies on their websites as of February 2018. Prices are subject to change, may vary at any time without notice, and do not include special offers, sales tax, discounts or delivery charges. Liability for errors, omissions or consequential loss is expressly disclaimed. Growing Numbers Accounting and Bookkeeping LLC and Nanny Parent Connection LLC have no affiliation whatsoever with any of the named companies.

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