Access to our community of over 10,000 parents and families in the Puget Sound region who are seeking full time/part time nannies, babysitters, and au pairs… READ MORE


Premium access to our network of over 10,000 nannies, babysitters, and au pairs in the Puget Sound region who are offering full time/part time nanny… READ MORE 


Access thousands of nannies in the Puget Sound region to find the right fit for that special client family. Use the CareCalendar or Last Minute Care Text Service to… READ MORE 


Schedule nannies and sitters offering child care on specific dates and times. Schedule that long overdue date night. Head out for that grocery shopping trip without your… READ MORE

Last minute care text service

Need child care now or in a few hours? Find a last minute nanny or babysitter instantly using our text service. Simply fill out a short form and within a few minutes… READ MORE



We offer some of the most affordable yet comprehensive background checks in America. Personal support from our team to check on the progress of a check or help understanding the results… READ MORE

Member Search

Looking for a family or a child care provider with a special skill or need? Check out our Member Search tool! Search thousands of profiles and find that perfect Seattle child care solution for… READ MORE

nanny contracts

A written agreement fosters open communications and clear expectations which are key to ensuring the relationship with your employee goes smoothly. Unfortunately, many… READ MORE

Payroll services

Spend more time with your family. Let us handle the paperwork! We’ve partnered with one of the premier accounting firms in our state to offer affordable payroll services… READ MORE


 Tired of figuring out withholding taxes for your nanny by hand? Use our handy Pay Calculator to determine how much to pay your nanny, how much to withhold… READ MORE


 Curious about what other families might say about the nanny you are about to hire? Wondering about the family you just interviewed with? Check out our feedback… READ MORE

extensive LIBRARY

 Hiring a nanny for the first time? Check out our library! If your nanny operates your vehicle, do they need to be added to your insurance policy? Can you “bank” hours… READ MORE

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