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We are the LARGEST and most ACTIVE community of parents, nannies, babysitters and au pairs in the Puget Sound region with over 18,000 members and growing.

We started this community three years ago with one goal in mind: To provide an affordable and simple platform where parents and care providers can connect. As the Seattle region grows more expensive, we want everyone in our area to be able to access experienced childcare…without paying an arm and a leg.

Today, hundreds of parents and care providers connect each week in our community. Most parents seeking care or providers offering care find that within minutes of posting to our Facebook community, hear from multiple members that want to connect. Not only can you find a nanny or babysitter, we also offer nanny shares, play dates, last minute, back-up, and date night care. We’ve got all your needs covered!

We’re a bit different – all of our connections occur within our Facebook community. Why?

  • Affordable. We didn’t need to spend thousands of dollars on software that would accomplish exactly what Facebook already does well. We pass those savings on to you with discounted memberships.
  • Simple. Finding or offering childcare is as easy as posting to Facebook! There are no additional profiles to fill out, apps to install, or websites to remember.
  • Fast. When you post to our Facebook community, you will receive notifications on your mobile devices when a member wants to connect with you (make sure you have your notifications turned on). Over 5,000 members are active daily in our group which means no more waiting hours or days to hear back!
  • Personal Help. Our team spends almost every waking moment working within our community. Need help finding or offering childcare? Just ask us for help and we will make some connections for you!

On top of this, all members receive access to special discounts for products/activities,  affordable payroll services, an easy to use Pay Calculator, Advanced Member Feedback, and the most extensive library of childcare information that we have ever seen.

Step #1: Choose your membership – Families/Parents, Care Providers, or Agencies

Step #2: Select an annual, month-to-month, or one month only package. No long term commitment!

Step #3: Keep an eye on your email inbox. You will receive an invite to join our community

Step #4: Post your childcare need or opportunity. Sit back, grab a cup of coffee and watch as members start to contact you!

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Access to our Facebook network of over 10,000 parents and families in the Puget Sound region who are seeking full time/part time nannies, babysitters, and au pairs. Fill gaps in your schedule with our special “Weekly Availability” feature. Weigh in on dozens of discussions about pay rates, background checks, paid time off, and many more!


Premium access to our Facebook network of over 9,000 nannies, babysitters, and au pairs in the Puget Sound region who are offering full time/part time nanny, babysitting and “last minute” care plus connect with hundreds of nanny shares. Hear from care providers about your need in MINUTES. Seriously – just minutes!


Curious about what other families might say about the nanny you are about to hire? Wondering about the family you just interviewed with? Check out our feedback page driven by members!



 Tired of figuring out withholding taxes for your nanny by hand? Use our handy Pay Calculator to determine how much to pay your nanny, how much to withhold, and what you owe in employer taxes. You can even email the results directly to your care provider!


extensive LIBRARY

Hiring a nanny for the first time? Check out our library! If your nanny operates your vehicle, do they need to be added to your insurance policy? Can you “bank” hours for a nanny? Are “nanny cams” legal? What is the best way to conduct a background check? What tax breaks are available to families that hire a nanny? Are nanny shares legal? Detailed answers to dozens of questions like these and much more!


Payroll services

Spend more time with your family. Let us handle the paperwork! We’ve partnered with one of the premier accounting firms in our state to offer affordable payroll services. Yup, they can handle the payroll and taxes for your nanny share too!


“The Nanny Parent Connection is an amazing resource for our family – we found our full time nanny plus date night babysitters all in a couple of hours!” – Genevieve S.