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As we enter into the holiday season, many families are seeking special activities and outings to create special memories together. There are few activities that say ‘holidays’ more than the Pacific Northwest Ballet’s (PNB) annual production of The Nutcracker.

the nutcracker

I first took my children to The Nutcracker in 2021, and it was such an incredible family outing. We missed the performance in 2020 due to COVID, so this was our first indoor holiday outing in a while!

My children were fascinated by the whole process: getting dressed up, reviewing proper behavior while inside the venue, going downtown, having a fancy dinner, the McCaw Hall lobby, the anticipation of the performance beginning – everything!

the nutcracker

My children were 4, 4, and 7 years old when we went last year. They were completely enthralled with the production, the costumes, the orchestra, and the cookies at the intermission.

The Nutcracker performance is broken up into two parts. The run time is 2 hours and 3 minutes with a 25 minute intermission between the first and second acts.

Before the day of the performance, I showed my children some Nutcracker performance clips on Youtube, and I read the story of the Nutcracker to them so they had a sense for the storyline. I believe that really helped them to know what was happening during the performance, and I think that helped to minimize whispered questions about what was happening during the performance… a little, anyway. 🙂 Two out of my three children did get slightly restless toward the end of the second act, however that’s also when things get really active and exciting onstage! This helped to capture their interest and we successfully made it through the entire performance. Hopefully that will help to give a reference point for any families wondering if their own children might be able to sit through the performance!

the nutcracker

You can find some great information on the history and story of the Nutcracker as well as facts about the production on the PNB’s Nutcracker web page.

The Nanny Parent Connection team worked with Pacific Northwest Ballet to create a wonderful discount for our members. Save 30% on all tickets to this year’s production of The Nutcracker by following the instructions below!

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Instructions to redeem the discount:

Step #1: Go to the website: https://www.pnb.org/nutcracker/. Scroll down and click on the red “Purchase Tickets” box.

Step #2: Select the date and time for the performance you’d like to see.

Step #3: Select your section and then select your seats. You will want to select the “Board Friend” seat types if that option is available. If you do not see the “Board Friend” seat type option, you will choose either adult or child tickets and then you’ll have the opportunity to enter in the promo code before checking out.

Step #4: Once inside your shopping cart, check the top right of the page to ensure the “BoardFriend” promo code is active. if it’s not, enter the code, “BoardFriend”.

Step #5: Complete the checkout process, and enjoy the show!

My family and I will be attending one of the performances early in December. I hope to see you there! 🙂

the nutcracker


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