Happy Thursday!

Later today, I’m releasing the second installment in my video blog series titled, “How To Find A Nanny In A Hot Market!” and I wanted to share it with YOU first!

Many parents in the Seattle area (and in other regions of the United States) are reporting that it is taking longer than usual to find the right care provider for their family. I’ve been noticing this as well since about the beginning of March 2021 as I work with parents in our community or through our Concierge Service.

I put together my top five tips on how parents can quickly and effectively find a nanny when the supply of available care providers is lower than normal. Scroll down and click on the video to check it out!

find a nanny

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Hi everyone!

I’m excited (and honestly, a bit nervous) to release my first video blog post, “Six Questions To Ask A Nanny Before Inviting Into Your COVID Bubble”!

nanny covid bubble

Over the last couple of years, I’ve been writing and publishing blog articles to help parents and care providers learn more about the different aspects of in-home child care.

Most of the blog posts I have posted take a solid 10-20 minutes to read. If your days are like mine, you may not have that kind of time to sit down to read a blog article.

My hope in switching my written blog to a video blog is to make this information more easily accessible and enjoyable to digest 🙂

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Don’t want to send your child to daycare or “back to school” due to COVID exposure risk? 

You are not alone. Many parents are switching to nanny childcare over “group care” settings right now because of the pandemic. 

But are you feeling that you can’t swing the high cost of employing a nanny solely for your family?

Hiring a nanny to work only with your family is expensive. Consider a nanny share instead!

Nanny shares are a fantastic childcare option

What is a nanny share?  Typically, a nanny share is when two families employ one nanny and split the cost of care.  Each family pays around 2/3 of the nanny’s typical, one child rate for nanny share care.  Nanny shares help to make the cost of care more affordable, and it can help to keep your family’s COVID risk exposure lower than care in a larger group setting while still offering your child some socialization.

So, how do you set up a nanny share during COVID times?

First… Don’t panic!  There are some logistics involved, but…

Read on!  I will walk you through the entire process!

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Looking for childcare pay rate information in the Puget Sound region?

Choose a child care arrangement below to view our member generated pay survey results!


childcare pay survey

Over the past several years, we have asked our members and site visitors to complete childcare pay surveys to provide the parents, care providers, and agencies of the Puget Sound region a snapshot of the average pay for different child care scenarios (i.e. one child, two children, nanny shares, sitter, part-time, etc).

You can find the results of those past surveys by clicking here.

After deciding to place our pay rate surveys on hold for most of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are excited to announce the results of our December 2020 Childcare Pay Survey! A HUGE thank you to the over 700 people who took the survey!

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Finding childcare can be stressful. Where to start? How much to offer? How much is this process going to cost? I need a nanny as soon as possible – is that even possible?

Nanny Search Service

Many more parents are working with a nanny these days than ever before (thanks, COVID-19). And many of them don’t even know where to begin. I created Nanny Parent Connection to bring all of the needed resources together in one place where you can learn about working with nannies and find your nanny (or your nanny share family!) as well.

A do-it-yourself search is a great option if you have the time to invest, don’t mind doing some research upfront, and have allotted at least several weeks (or even longer) for your search.

When should you hand off to a professional?

If you don’t have the time to invest in your search, you need to find a nanny in less than a month, or the whole process just seems to overwhelming, it’s a good time to consider having someone handle the search and due diligence process for you.

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I can’t think of one person who is sad to see 2020 go. It’s been a trying year for us all. Thankfully, a new year brings a fresh start!  Here is a message of hope from a member of the Nanny Parent Connection community “Nanny Melissa” aka, Melissa the Princess Nanny – reminding you all we will get through this together.

It’s the most wonderful time of year again! Then again, with everything 2020 brought, saying that it’s the most wonderful time of this particular year isn’t a big stretch. Last year was a really rough year for many, many people. To top it all off, most of us had a very different holiday season.

My family of four (including our puppy, Princess Buttercup) spent the time quietly at home, away from our loved ones, which we view as just one more sacrifice that we are more than willing to make to get to better times again. That doesn’t necessarily make it easier, though.

“We have been enjoying the beautiful city parks Seattle has to offer while social distancing this year”

 In 2019, I was a busy full-time nanny and homeschooling Mom to a kindergartener. I was cosplaying as a hobby and form of therapy to help me work through my anxiety and PTSD, which led to me performing at kid’s birthday parties as Disney princesses on the weekends. In short, I was busy and it was a promising year!

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“What costs besides the hourly rate should I expect to pay for nanny childcare?”

This is one of the top questions I hear from parents who are new to considering working with a nanny. And with distance learning and care centers closed or at reduced capacity this year (thanks, COVID-19) it seems like more families than ever are throwing their hats into the “working with a nanny” ring.

My joke with them is that it’s the blog post I keep meaning to write. Well, the wait is over!

And the short answer is that the hourly rate is just the beginning. Today, I will walk you through the various line items of your “all in” cost for finding and working with a nanny for one year.

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It’s been interesting to hear the ways people are trying to make birthday celebrations during COVID times a little more cheerful – especially since we can’t celebrate with our friends and family like we would in a normal year.

And don’t even get me started on the time-honored tradition of blowing out birthday candles with COVID concerns. My favorite GIF to send to friends this year is below – very fitting for this crazy year!

balloon arrangements


I have heard a lot about drive-by birthday celebrations, which I think is brilliant. i have heard of some families going over the top with more birthday gifts than they would normally buy. One family I spoke with went all out on a fancy rainbow cake that they admitted they would never be able to finish up (but it’s all about the presentation, right?).

There was a time when I would go all out with themed parties (think a snake cake with the Reptile Man…)

… Or a volcano cake complete with dry ice in the funnel to look like smoke paired with a mad science themed birthday party.

balloon arrangements

Honestly, my bandwidth is not there right now (hello, distance learning and general anxiety about the state of the world), even for making those extra fancy cakes.

So, with limited bandwidth and no option to host friends, how could we make birthdays feel a little more special this year for the kids?

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Raise your hand if you ever thought you would be working from home AND caring for your children AND trying to juggle distance learning as well? 

Balancing Work and Parenting

I know I certainly didn’t!

It’s been difficult to manage it all to say the least. The pandemic has upended nearly every aspect of our normal routines, and perhaps the most difficult thing of all is that none of us know how long we should plan on doing this new normal.  

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