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Today’s video is about how to offer more services as a nanny. Nannying can be a fantastic field to get into as nannies are in high demand in urban areas and there is a high degree of flexibility in the industry.

For many, working as a nanny is a launch point to do more for a family. There are many ways that you can expand upon an existing nanny role in order to make yourself a more valuable asset to the family that you are working with.

Watch the video to learn more and I hope you find this useful!

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Offer More Services As A Nanny

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A transcript of the video can be found below: 

Hi everyone, Laura from Nanny Parent Connection here. 

Today’s topic is “How To Offer More Services As A Nanny”. 

Nannying can be a fantastic field to get into because typically it’s in high demand in urban areas, and it offers a high degree of flexibility. 

Taking on a part-time nanny role can be a great option for students or anyone really looking to supplement existing income. 

Nannying full-time or nannying as a career is an option that other nannies choose. 

For many, nannying is a launch point to do more for a family. 

There are many ways you can expand upon an existing nanny role in order to make yourself a more valuable asset to families. 

And by becoming a more valuable asset to families through expanding your offerings, you can set yourself apart from the crowd in a job search.

You can command a higher asking pay rate, you can pivot into a family assistant or household manager role when fewer child care hours are needed.

You can be consistently in demand by families.

You can find positions more easily in difficult job markets.

Here are four steps nannies can take in order to expand upon the existing services they offer to families and grow within their field:

Step #1: Invest Time in Learning to Become a More Effective Communicator

Effective communication is really key when you are working so closely with a family, and it becomes even more crucial to be an effective communicator when you take on additional household duties. 

Doing a bit of research and learning on this topic will help to ensure that you are being clear with your message, you are being consistent, and you are confident in your abilities to communicate effectively with your employer. 

Remember, effective communication doesn’t always mean that this is verbal communication. 

It’s equally important to be an effective communicator through writing, whether that’s through text message or email. 

Make sure you are checking and answering those messages in a timely fashion. That is a big part of effective communication.

Step #2: Improve Your Organizational Skills

Families are often looking for additional help with task management around their home. 

This could mean help with errands such as picking up and dropping off dry cleaning, package returns, signing children up for camps, classes, or other activities, birthday gift shopping, purchasing needed sports gear or equipment, or even managing pet care or taking a dog to a vet appointment. 

Whether you become a digital calendar pro or learn to effectively utilize a task management app, you should find a system that allows you to easily organize and track tasks. 

This could mean taking a written list from your family and entering it into whatever your chosen system is. 

Some families may prefer to give you a list via text or email. 

Whatever the system is that you and your family agree upon, make sure that you get it into your own system so that you can track and organize and have due dates for when things are supposed to be completed by. 

There are some task management apps out there where your employer could even assign you tasks and due dates, and that might be a good place for everyone to communicate and track projects.

Step #3: Take Cooking Classes

So many families would love to work with a nanny who can at least provide help with chopping up vegetables or doing other simple meal prep tasks. 

And many of these families who are looking for full meal preparation aren’t looking for something super elaborate either. 

But by having cooking in your skill set, even if your skills aren’t very extensive, you will make yourself a really valuable asset for just about any family.

Step #4: Get Creative With Your Skill Sets

Make a list of all the ways that you might be able to help your nanny family. 

This could include things like offering seasonal or age-appropriate clothing or toy rotation, donation and purchasing. 

Maybe offering dog walking or pet care or managing family laundry. 

Perhaps you could manage vendors such as contractors, house cleaners, or manage car or yard maintenance. 

Make sure you’re also adding these skill sets to your resume so that families know what your full potential as their nanny or family assistant might be.

The four steps that I have listed above to offer more as a nanny are by no means exhaustive. 

There are many families out there with unique needs that you can tailor your skill sets to. Think of learning a second language, families with special needs children, etc.

I love encouraging nannies to feel empowered and to expand their skill set in order to make themselves more marketable in their field.

All right, everyone, that’s it for today. 

I hope you found this video helpful. 

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And if you haven’t seen it already, make sure you don’t miss this video: “Am I a Nanny or a Household Manager?” Thank you, everyone. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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