The Barbie Movie is everywhere right now and has some great messaging about self worth as well as the world we live in. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out. It’s fantastic!

Working as a nanny can feel a bit isolating at times. You aren’t interacting with coworkers or peers on a regular basis and you may spend hours every day with a little person that can’t communicate with you yet.

Check out my latest video where I discuss four lessons that nannies can learn from the Barbie Movie. I hope you find this video fun and useful!

Remember, you are “kenough” 🙂

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The Barbie Movie

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A transcript of the video can be found below: 

Hi, everyone. Laura from Nanny Parent Connection here.

The Barbie Movie is everywhere right now and is an international sensation.

It contains some really great messaging about one’s own self, as well as the world we live in.

There seemed to be a little something that might resonate with just about anyone, so here are four lessons from the Barbie Movie as they might pertain to nannies.

Lesson #1: Never give up

Maybe you’re having trouble finding your next nanny position, or maybe you’ve received more rejection messages than you think you can handle.

Life isn’t easy, but growth can happen when you overcome difficult situations. I find that in difficult situations, these three things can be helpful.

#1: Reframe the experience in a positive light. Instead of, “I can’t believe no one wants to hire me!” to “I haven’t found my next nanny position yet.”

#2: Look for possible silver linings.“Perhaps a better opportunity is waiting for me right around the corner. “

#3: Turn to your network or community for help. Nanny Parent Connection is an incredible community of almost 12,000 nannies and sitters to turn to for help or advice.

Not only is our community here for you, but I’m here to provide guidance as well. Nannies, please feel free to reach out to me at any time by clicking here.

Lesson #2: You can be anything you want to be

Do you want to build an outstanding nanny resume or portfolio, or become a travel nanny?

Perhaps you know a spectacular nanny who would be willing to be your mentor or meet for coffee so that you can pick their brain.

Maybe you’d like to transition from a babysitter to a nanny, or perhaps you would like to tap into a higher income potential by transitioning from a nanny into more of a family assistant or household manager.

Nanny Parent Connection has many helpful videos on how to move your existing skill set and experience up to a different tier of household help. You can find these resources on the blog section of our website or by checking out our Nanny Parent Connection YouTube channel.

There are so many relevant skill sets that are highly transferable from nannying into many other careers.

Several that come to mind include attention for detail, effective communication skills, negotiating challenging scenarios, flexibility to handle an evolving landscape, being proactive in anticipating needs, etc.

Lesson #3: Dream big

There are no limitations on what you can do.Tthe sky is the limit.

First, create your goals, write them down and share them with others. Studies show that doing these two things greatly increases the likelihood of you achieving your goals.

Next, make decisive movements in the direction of your goal. Nannies, once you have an idea in your mind about where you would like to go with your dreams, think about who might be out there who is already living your dream.

You might be able to reach out to one of these people so that they can be your mentor, or perhaps you could learn some valuable lessons from them.

By working hard, staying focused, and being resourceful, you can create an actual path to your dreams.

Lesson #4: You are kenough, nannies!

Your self-worth should come from within and not be dependent on roles or on other people, but getting there can take some time. So don’t stress out if you’re not there yet.

Make sure to reach out to your support system if there is still room for growth in this area for you.

Nannies, remember not only are you connected, but you are the sole owner of your own happiness.

You can’t control the actions of others, but you can control how you respond.

Those are my lessons for nannies from The Barbie Movie.

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Thanks, everyone. Bye!


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