Updated: January 2020

Looking for Seattle child care rates? With current, reliable market rate information for child care hard to come by, we have spent the past year surveying our members on what they pay (or are paid) for various child care scenarios (and we continue to do so!).

You can find all of those surveys and results here.

Many members have asked if we can compile all of the hourly rate averages into one place. No problem! Please see the below infographic for the hourly rate averages of all our pay surveys to date.

As we always mention, please DO NOT use these results as a definitive guide to child care pay rates in our area. Each child care scenario is different. Some parents and care providers agree that the provider should only provide child care. Others decide that the provider will handle child care and light household duties. In addition, average pay rates in the far suburbs of Seattle (i.e. Everett, Federal Way, Auburn, etc.) are lower than those found in the city of Seattle. Use this as a rough snapshot of current trends in the Puget Sound region.

seattle child care rates


The start of the school year is here! If you are in need of child care for your little ones, join our community today!

join our community today

Memberships start at $2.99/month for care providers and $8.99/month for parents. Click here to sign up! 

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