It’s been interesting to hear the ways people are trying to make birthday celebrations during COVID times a little more cheerful – especially since we can’t celebrate with our friends and family like we would in a normal year.

And don’t even get me started on the time-honored tradition of blowing out birthday candles with COVID concerns. My favorite GIF to send to friends this year is below – very fitting for this crazy year!

balloon arrangements


I have heard a lot about drive-by birthday celebrations, which I think is brilliant. i have heard of some families going over the top with more birthday gifts than they would normally buy. One family I spoke with went all out on a fancy rainbow cake that they admitted they would never be able to finish up (but it’s all about the presentation, right?).

There was a time when I would go all out with themed parties (think a snake cake with the Reptile Man…)

… Or a volcano cake complete with dry ice in the funnel to look like smoke paired with a mad science themed birthday party.

balloon arrangements

Honestly, my bandwidth is not there right now (hello, distance learning and general anxiety about the state of the world), even for making those extra fancy cakes.

So, with limited bandwidth and no option to host friends, how could we make birthdays feel a little more special this year for the kids?

My answer? BALLOONS!

Yes, balloons. But not just any balloons – fancy balloon arrangements that were DELIVERED to my doorstep, an online ordering process, and top-notch customer service from local mom Adrianne Gold, owner of Color Pop Designs.

Ordering was easy. I simply filled out the contact page to let Adrianne know the date I was looking to have the balloons delivered, and let her know the theme and colors I was looking for. She sent photos of several examples and worked within the price range I had in mind. I paid online and was done! Simple!

I didn’t miss trying to load too many balloons into my vehicle for these birthday occasions, not one bit. And, it was way better than my evening run trying to locate helium balloons the night before my twins’ birthday in July and having to make due with what I could scrape together at Safeway.

My 13 year old is a tough customer to impress these days, as he has really been embracing a newish salty teenager mantra.

balloon arrangements

My six year old is much easier. Both were blown away and very happy about their respective balloon assortments. My twins have already planned the balloon assortments they are hoping for when July rolls around.

balloon arrangements

balloon arrangements

These balloon arrangements last forever, so in addition to them holding a place of honor in our dining room for a week after the actual birthday, my kids were able to enjoy them for weeks after the big day. My six year old’s balloons were delivered mid-November, and he still has them on display in his room!


Balloon arrangements from Color Pop Designs were such a hit with my family, I wanted to share the goodness with you as well.

Adrianne, the company’s owner, has agreed to give Nanny Parent Connection members 20% off all orders placed until February 21, 2021! Orders need only to be paid and loosely scheduled, even if the event is months away.

Click here to start your order and make sure to use coupon code “NPC20” when ordering.

Stay healthy out there, and I hope this helps to make those socially distanced birthday celebrations a little happier!

Nanny Parent Connection did not receive any compensation for this article

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