If you have been active in our Facebook community over the past couple of weeks, you probably noticed strange hashtags being used in some posts. What are these, what do they do, and how can I use them?

One of the issues with a large community such as ours is that it can be difficult to find certain types of child care using the Search feature of our Facebook group.

Facebook child care

Example: While you may want to find nannies or families looking for “part time” care, not all members use the term “part time” in their post meaning that you may not be able to find those families or care providers.

In an effort to expand the results you see when utilizing the search feature, we have started to add #npc hashtags to posts to standardize certain types of care opportunities. 

Facebook child care



Facebook child care

When you search for one of these #npc hashtags, you will find EVERY post that has utilized that hashtag to date. Making your search more efficient!

Sounds cool. What are the hashtags? Below is the list of #npc hashtags with explanations that we have been using to date. But feel free to add your own – whether it be for your location (i.e. #npcwestseattle) or the type of care you need (i.e. #npcsitter). Just make sure to start your hashtag with #npc. Like Twitter, the more that people see a certain hashtag, the more it will be used. We will also be updating the below list with hashtags that are trending and/or popular.

Current Hashtag List:

  • #npcfulltime – For families seeking a full time care provider or a nanny/au-pair looking for a full time position
  • #npcparttime – For families seeking a part time care provider or a nanny/sitter/au-pair looking for a part time position
  • #npcsummercare – For families seeking care during the summer months or you guessed it, care providers looking to offer care then
  • #npcqueenanne, #npccapitolhill, etc. – For families and care providers looking for connections in specific neighborhoods
  • #npcdaytime – Special hashtag that ties back to the backup/short notice weekly thread that I maintain each week for families and care providers looking for care opportunities during the day
  • #npcevening – Same as #npcdaytime but for families and care providers looking for care opportunities during the evening
  • #npcspringbreak – Same as #npcdaytime and #npcevening – ties back to a special weekly thread for spring break child care

Give it a shot. It works great and should save you time when searching for your next Mary Poppins or amazing family!

Feel free to shoot me a message if you have any questions or have a hashtag you think we should start using.

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