The weather has finally gotten the message that it’s SUMMER and we have been having some nice, HOT sunny days! Bring on the season of not having to make school lunches (yay!), and 85+ degree days with no air conditioning (boo)!

summertime activities

I’m really looking forward to getting out and about with the kids, but I also want to avoid getting stuck in a rut of doing the same handful of outings and activities each week. My kids definitely don’t need fancy (they can play for hours in a hole filled with water at the beach), but I want to expose them to a lot of different and enriching activities.

If you have found you’re stuck in a rut, are hearing “I’m bored!” several times a day, or maybe just need some additional summertime activities, please check out these tips below!

summertime activities

#1: 60 Activity Ideas

I had a gem of a website land in my inbox recently from Jenny with Hobby Help. She has created a most amazing resource with over 60 activity ideas to do with kids that will get everyone moving, thinking, crafting and connecting! Seriously print this list out and start planning with your kids NOW!

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#2 Beat the Heat…Indoors!

If last summer was any indication of what we might face this summer (think sweltering hot days and several weeks of unhealthy air quality from wildfires), make sure to have a plan for some indoor summertime activities! Check out our indoor play map of over 200 ideas for indoor play around the Greater Seattle region. Don’t forget there is a discount available at the Fantastic Playtorium for Nanny Parent Connection members (just mention the discount code “Nanny Parent Connection”)!

#3 There’s an App for That

I also recently discovered a new app that is fantastic for finding activities and places of interest around the Seattle area. Check it out ASAP and let the fun begin!

summertime activities

#4 Get the Kids Involved in Planning!

I have heard about some fun strategies for integrating new activities and adventures into the mix. One idea is to choose a different activity or outing to do each day or each week. It can be really fun to involve the kids in this process by making a gigantic calendar out of poster board, and then planning and decorating the calendar together.

Some people enjoy adding a map to this process, so that kids can get a sense for where in the region these summertime activities will take them! Another fun idea is to make a grab bag of outings and adventures, and draw one from a bag or bowl each evening to do the following day. This can definitely add a layer of spontaneity and excitement to the process!

summertime activities

#5 Partner Up!

It can also be really fun to trade off adventure planning with a friend – they let you know what to bring for the adventure or activity (if any special clothes, picnic lunch, or other items are necessary), but the actual thing you’ll be doing that day is a surprise! (This is also really great because it takes the pressure of all the planning off of you!)

#6 Old Standbys

Of course, it’s worth mentioning that it may not be possible and you may not be able to plan an official outing or activity every day. That’s ok too! Your backyard, the sidewalk in front of your house, or the nearest park can be an amazing adventure as well! Our favorite easy activities include taking walks, sidewalk chalk, watering flowers, water table play, bug-finding, spray bottles, bubbles, and “painting” the fence with a bucket of water and a paint brush.

summertime activities

There is still plenty of time for summertime fun! I hope you enjoy the nice weather to the fullest, and make sure to work some new outings and activities into the coming weeks!

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