Word of mouth advertising is the lifeblood of our community. As a small company, we can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars per month on advertising. I started asking myself recently, why can’t our members get paid to refer their friends to our community? I have seen huge companies use programs like that, why can’t we?

Today, I am excited to announce that the Nanny Parent Connection Rewards Program is now live!

Anyone can sign up for the rewards program – we were able to build this system so that even if you don’t have a membership on our website, you can still utilize it. And there is no cost – simply sign up and share your unique link with your friends, family, neighbors, etc. Every time a purchase is made through your link, you earn dollars!

nannies earn cash

And we’re not talking about some chintzy reward – for every purchase made through your link, we will reward you with 5% cash back or credit towards a membership, background check, or nanny contract.

Yes, CASH! Let’s say that you refer a parent that purchases a Family – Annual membership ($107.88) and then a few days later, purchases a Premium Plus background check ($79.99) through your link.

You will earn $9.40!

Then, you can decide if you would like that paid to you as cash (through Paypal®) or if you would rather use it as a credit for your membership, a nanny contract, background check, etc.

There’s no confusing terms to memorize or certain thresholds that you have to meet. All we ask is that you accrue at least $5.00 in your Rewards account before redeeming through Paypal® or an account credit.

And the best part is that there is no limit to how much you can earn!

Check out our Rewards Program by clicking here. Signing up takes about 60 seconds. I’d love to hear what you think about it so please comment below.

Enjoy the sun!


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