mommy mental overload

This morning, I walked around Greenlake with my dear friend B.  We do this every couple of weeks to catch up and talk about life in general.  She just started a business several months ago and frequently talks about how busy her work is keeping her. 

On top of running a retail store, she stays very busy doing (amazing) interior design work.  Then after she closes up shop each day there is kids’ activities, dinner, helping with homework, putting kids to bed, and tidying up her house before working more and then collapsing into bed so she can do it all again the next day. 

Sound familiar? I know I can relate to crazy schedules!

B is doing something she absolutely loves for work.  She loves her family and enjoys ensuring they all feel special and well taken care of.  But like a lot of us moms, she is exhausted at the busy-ness of each day.  And when she’s not physically doing something, her mind is swirling with to do lists, calendar events, and plans for her business. 

When she was talking about the never-ending mental load of being a mom, I thought – YES!  This!!  I feel this too. Mommy mental overload!

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As we enjoyed the beautiful fall colors around Greenlake this morning, I remembered an article that another friend posted on her wall last week.  It talked about how mental load can burn women out.  It had some great tips for delegating some of that load. 

I just sent the article to B and I would love to share it with you too!

The mental load€™ is burning women out

The ‘mental load’ is burning women out

mommy mental overload

It’s 6.30pm. The kids are in their high chairs and you a€™re trying to coax them to eat while keeping an eye on the stove…


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