Two Children Nanny Pay

Over the last several months, we have asked our members to complete pay surveys to provide the parents and care providers of our region a snapshot of the average pay for different child care scenarios (i.e. one child, two children, nanny shares, etc).

You can find the results of those surveys by clicking here.

Several members have taken issue with these pay surveys as they feel they could be more accurate if variables such as location, duties, experience level, etc. were taken into account. While we agree, our intent with these previous pay surveys was to provide a rough idea of the average pay across our region for different types of child care, which we believe was accomplished.

But we have been listening…

As we begin refreshing the results of the initial round of pay surveys, we are going to try something a bit different. The embedded Facebook polls we have been using were very limiting – we could only ask members to respond to one question at a time. Moving forward, we are going to give SurveyMonkey a try and see if we can generate more refined results for those parents and care providers that are interested.

So, without further ado, we present our May 2018 Caring for Two Children Nanny Pay Rate Survey (wow, that’s a mouthful). The survey is very short and you should be able to complete it in about two minutes:

Care Providers – have you provided child care for two children from the same family in the past year? Parents – in the past year, have you employed a nanny to care for two of your children? If so, please complete the survey below:

The survey is now closed. The survey will be live for about the next 10 days. The results will be posted to this blog and our Facebook community.

Finally, I would love to hear what you think about this survey. Was it too long? Are there questions you feel should be added? Please comment below!


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