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After posting my last video blog, “How To Find A Nanny In A Hot Market” (click here to check that out), I heard from SO MANY parents not only in the Seattle area but from across the US that are struggling to find the right provider for their family.

There definitely seems to be a huge imbalance between the number of families seeking childcare versus the number of providers offering care. I think a lot of this has to do with COVID but my suspicion is that there are other factors at play here (more on that down the road).

I spent many hours talking about and discussing our Concierge Service over the past two weeks so I thought that it might help to put together a video on how our Concierge Service works and how we are able to find nanny candidates so quickly (hint: it helps to have an entire team working on your search!)

 Scroll down and click on the video to check it out!

Nannies – if you would like to hear about the families we are working with through the Concierge Service, please shoot me an email and let me know!

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I’m slowly growing more comfortable in front of the camera (my thanks for the words of encouragement I’ve heard from some of you!) but I’d love to hear any comments/feedback about how I can improve these videos as well as your ideas on topics you’d like to see me cover in future videos.  Just comment below!

Don’t forget, you can reach me directly via email by clicking here or by calling/texting (425) 243-7032 if I can help you. Talk soon 🙂



A transcript of the video is below:

“Hey everyone, It’s Laura from Nanny Parent Connection again. 

Today, I’m here to talk to you about the Concierge Nanny Search Service that Nanny Parent Connection offers. It’s one of our latest services that we rolled out. I’ve designed the Concierge Service to take things off of the plate of busy parents. Our Search Team handles the entire process from state to finish. We search for candidates, complete the due diligence on the chosen candidate, and work with your family to make the process of hiring and working with your nanny seamless.

You’re going to want to use the Concierge Service if you just don’t have time to run the search yourself. There are lots of options for places to search. Sometimes parents are busy working, sometimes their family situations that don’t allow for time to search for yourself. That is one of the reasons why you would want a hand with your nanny search. 

Another great reason to hand off the search is if you need a nanny urgently, perhaps you had a schedule change and your nanny can no longer accommodate that schedule change that you need care for. If you need an expedited nanny search that is a great time to hand off to somebody who can help facilitate that search quickly and help you get a nanny fast.

Another reason you would want to hand off to a professional to help your nanny search is if you’ve tried your search already and you just haven’t been able to find that care provider that you’re looking for.

Any one of those three situations above would be a great reason to reach out and try out our Concierge Service.

Next, I’m going to tell you a little bit about the search process. I begin by starting out doing a large-scale search for nanny candidates. In addition to the large-scale search, I also do tap into my network of hundreds of nannies that I have developed relationships with. All week long, I’m interviewing unique providers and I also have many candidates reaching out to me, letting me know that “hey I’m available” or “I’m going to be available”. I have people sending me resumes and so I’m always finding out what people are looking for so that they know I’m looking on their behalf and add them to our database.

When I connect with candidates about your position. I’m then interviewing the top and most qualified candidates with a phone interview, so I’m finding out a little bit about their personality and finding out more about their background and their qualifications. I’m learning things about how COVID-safe they are. I confirm if they’re vaccinated, their approach to care, their available start date, what they’re looking for in a family as well, If they have any special certifications or any special skills like maybe a foreign language, If there are any special requirements your family has and also learning more about that from the nanny candidate.

If after the phone interview everything sounds like it would still be a match for the family, I then send a summary of my interview notes along with the candidate’s resume to the family for their review. The family receives all of that information and if they decide this candidate might be a good fit, then they go ahead and contact that candidate directly and they set up a time for an interview. Our team will keep going down that process until the family finds somebody they would like to move forward with.

If after the interview the family wants to proceed with hiring the provider, I go ahead and I send the offer letter template and the nanny’s contract template so that the family can begin customizing those to their liking. Once the nanny signs and returns the offer letter, then I’m reaching out to the nanny candidate to begin the vetting process so I can complete the reference checks and the background check. I’m also gathering their documentation for the family such as their driver’s license, CPR/First Aid certification, any other needed documentation.

Once I gather all of that and then send it together to the family so that they have all of that for their records. Once that process is complete, I’m noting down the nanny start date. Once the nanny begins working with the family, then that kicks off my 60-day guarantee. Once the nanny begins working with the family for the first 60 days, I am guaranteeing their employment. So if for any reason the nanny does not work out with the family. I then will run a replacement search at no charge. You can feel confident that when you use our Concierge Service, that you will end up with a candidate that works well for your family. And if for any reason they don’t, we will find someone who does.

How do you get started if you’re interested in the concierge nanny search service?

Just click here and follow the instructions on that page.You will also find the interest form that you can fill out if you would like to schedule a call with me.

This form asks you for some basic information about your family and what type of child care you are looking for. That’s going to include things like schedules, information about the children, a little bit of information about the personality of your family, the pay rate you have in mind, if you have any pets in the home, etc.

Once I get that information, I will reach out via email within 24 hours. I’ll connect with you so that we can set up a time for a phone consultation. During that time, I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about how the Concierge Service works. I may also want to ask some more questions and get more detailed information about the type of care provider you’re looking for.

After our call, I send the Concierge Service contract your way so that you can review the details of everything. You can get a sense for timelines, you have everything you need so that if you would like to move forward, you just send the contract back signed. You submit payment via the link that was sent over with the contract and that launches the creation of your job description which we use to “advertise” your position. I send that over for your review, you let me know if there are any edits. Once that’s finalized, your job search goes live!

Within a few hours to a few days, I will begin presenting candidates to your family.

So I hope you enjoy the information about how our Concierge Service works. If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out.

You can email me by clicking here. Enjoy your day!”


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