Congratulations!  You have found an excellent nanny or sitter to work with your family! But you’re not quite ready to go yet.  As if going through the process of actually finding a care provider isn’t stressful enough, now you have to navigate a background check.


Not so fast – we are here to help make things easier for you!  We have worked hard over the past few months and are excited to announce that NPC Background Checks are now available! Click here to take a look at our background check system.

sitter background checks

I have spoken with dozens of parents and agency representatives over the past couple of years about nanny/sitter background checks. I consistently hear that there aren’t enough options available and that the options that are available are too expensive or too complicated. 

In December, we set out to create a better solution! Our goals were to:

• Create several background check packages that are affordable for everyone 

• But not take away important aspects of the background checks in the name of affordability

• Have the background check order process not take more than five minutes

We were able to achieve all of our goals!

Several packages to choose from starting at $18.99

If you compare our background check packages with the others available today, you will find that for the features we are offering, our background check packages are the MOST AFFORDABLE IN THE UNITED STATES! 

Seriously, take a few minutes and Google “nanny background checks”, look at what others are offering for child care background checks and compare with ours. We have more features for a lower price and we don’t surprise you with hidden fees.

And we were able to go a step further and offer even more discounted prices for our registered members. 

40 minutes to order a background check?

One parent that I have spoken extensively with told me about a company that she has been using for over two years to run background checks for her nannies and sitters. She claimed it took her almost 30 minutes to fill out the forms to run one background check. I thought to myself, “No way it can take that long” so I tried out this company myself.

It actually took me over 40 minutes. What?!? That’s ridiculous. Our background checks take less than 5 minutes to order. 

Wait a minute. How did you do this?

First, we spent over 100 hours researching, interviewing and analyzing what are called “background check wholesalers” – the companies that actually process the background checks. We determined the most important features that we wanted to include with our background checks and then narrowed down the wholesalers based on experience, features offered, price, and customer support. We then started negotiating the best prices for you.

At the end of the day, the choice was clear…

sitter background checks

Employment Background Investigations, Inc. (EBI) is an industry leader with over 20 years of employment screening experience, a strong focus on information security, and a top notch customer care team. Every year, they process nearly two million background checks! 

Check out the background check packages that we built for you:

sitter background checks

Now you don’t have to worry about where to turn for nanny or sitter background checks.  We have you covered! 

A good background check will help ensure you are making an informed hiring selection with your care provider.  In addition to running a background check, you should also make sure to do the following:

• Check as many references as possible.  Get feedback from the nanny’s previous employers.  Try to ask open-ended questions so you can get detailed answers.  This is the difference between “Was she generally on time for work?” (“Yes/No”) and, “Tell me about how your nanny arrived for work – was she always rushing in at the last minute, or was she a few minutes early each day? How did she handle a situation where she was running a few minutes late?” Asking if the previous employer would hire the nanny again or not can speak volumes.

• Are the nanny’s certifications from legitimate sources? Are any credentials, like CPR/First Aid Certification, still valid?

• Verify work history and any training with previous employers or organizations.

• Check into the provider’s online presence.  Google them, check out their Facebook,  Instagram, and/or LinkedIn profiles if possible.  This can give further character insight on a potential hire.

Hiring a nanny or sitter can be stressful, but we hope we have made the process a little easier by offering thorough  background checks and a little guidance for you and your family. Order your background check today by clicking here!

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