Thousands of parents use Nanny Parent Connection to search for a nanny or sitter each year. But did you know that we also offer our Concierge Nanny Search Service where our expert team can handle the entire search and vetting process for you?

Check out my latest video where I discuss why you might want to use our Concierge Nanny Search Service, how it works, and why our service is so much more affordable than other nanny agencies ($10,000 to find a nanny? really?)

Don’t forget! Our Concierge Nanny Search Service is available to you no matter where you live in the United States.

If you would like to learn more or sign up for the Concierge Service, please click here.

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our expert team can handle your nanny search

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A transcript of the video can be found below: 

Hi everyone, Laura from Nanny Parent Connection here.

Many people know they can run their own nanny search on Nanny Parent Connection, but did you know that Nanny Parent Connection also offers a concierge nanny search service where we can find the nanny for you?

The concierge-managed search service is essentially an agency-style nanny placement, but without the exorbitant nanny search fees and percentages.

So what are some of the reasons you might want Nanny Parent Connection to run your nanny search for you?

Well, it could be that you’re not sure where to start, or maybe you don’t have the time or bandwidth for a nanny search.

Perhaps you’ve been running your own search but you’re not having much luck, or maybe you need nanny care to begin quickly.

It could be that another agency has told you they can’t take on your search, because perhaps you have a unique care need or there are some other special circumstances.

Maybe a search with a different agency has not resulted in finding the nanny you are hoping for, or maybe it’s just that you can’t stomach paying the high fees including a percentage of the nanny’s annual salary to an agency.

So, here is an overview of Nanny Parent Connection’s Concierge Search Service:

First, we start with the intake form.

Visit our website and fill out a simple form which gives us a good understanding of your nanny needs.

Next, you will schedule a call with me so that I can gain a more thorough understanding of your family’s nanny care needs and your goals for nanny care.

Once you decide to move forward with a search, you send in your signed contract along with a registration fee and that kicks off your nanny search.

We start by developing the job description for you, once the job description is complete, we send that over to you for any edits and final approval, then we begin to advertise and recruit for the position with your family.

We start out by recruiting in-house in our network with hopes that we can begin connecting you with nanny candidates right away.

We then interview the top applicants for the position, during that interview we’re making sure that they meet all of the requirements that you have set forth, and have the qualifications and care style that you are looking for.

We then send along only viable candidates for the position for you to evaluate and interview, and of course, we are happy to provide guidance along the way if you wonder what interview questions you should be asking or perhaps what best practices are for interviewing a nanny.

Once you choose the nanny candidate that you would like to work with, we help to facilitate the job offer and we provide a nanny contract template.

We also can help you to get set up with payroll services.

We then take the nanny through the vetting process which includes reference checks, a Premium Plus background check, and the collection of documentation needed for employment.

Once the vetting process is complete we send all of that information along to you for your records, then we’re noting down the nanny’s start date because we also offer a 60-day guarantee on your hire.

So for any reason you’re not satisfied with a nanny that you have in place, perhaps you feel like it’s just not quite the right fit for your family, whatever the reason, we then will run a replacement search at no charge.

We want to make sure you feel great about the nanny candidate you have hired.

And during this whole process, you work directly with me, the founder of Nanny Parent Connection.

Let Nanny Parent Connection handle your nanny search, whether you’re in a time crunch, you just don’t have the bandwidth, or you can’t stomach paying huge fees to the typical nanny agencies out there.

We run nanny searches all across the country including Alaska and Hawaii. We’re here to support you no matter your location!

I will make sure to include the link for our Concierge Service intake form in the description below, so that you can access that resource if it’s helpful.

If the Concierge Service is for you, I am looking forward to connecting with you soon.

I hope you found this video helpful. If you like this video please click the like button, subscribe, or ring the bell so that you can be notified when more of these videos come out in the future.

And if you haven’t seen my tips on interviewing nannies, make sure to check out this video.

Thanks everyone, bye!


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