Note: We resurveyed our members in May 2018 to see if the average pay rate changed. To see the results of that survey, click here.

Over on our Facebook group page, it seems like we are constantly discussing nanny pay rates for the greater Seattle area. Over the past couple of days, we have surveyed our members to attempt to gather some current data to share with you. The results are in!

As the graphic below states, please DO NOT use this as a definitive guide to nanny pay rates in our area. We did not ask respondents to include variables such as benefits, # of hours worked, the specific location in our area where the care occurred, etc. Use this as a rough snapshot of current trends in the Puget Sound region.

As you can tell, there is a vast difference in nanny pay across our region. Parents – what do you pay for a provider to care for your little one? Nannies – what are you paid to care for one child? Comment below!

To see the Two Child Nanny Pay Rate Survey Results (two children from the same family), click here.

To see the Nanny Share Pay Rate Survey Results (per child), click here.

To see the Sitter Pay Rate Survey Results (one child), click here.

To see the Part Time Nanny Pay Rate Survey Results (one child), click here.

For questions about this survey or to learn more about childcare in Seattle, please contact us!

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