It’s Laura back with my latest video which this week, focuses on a serious topic I hear so many friends, neighbors and family members discussing these days.

It seems that everyday, we hear about another incident of gun violence. The United States is the most heavily armed country in the world. For every 100 people in America, there are over 120 guns.

Why should you care about this as a nanny?

With such a high concentration of firearms, chances are your nanny family likely has a gun in their home. Statistics show that over 4.5 million children in the US live in a home with a loaded or unlocked firearm.

Check out my latest video where I cover my tips for how to talk about guns and gun safety with your nanny family. It can be an uncomfortable topic but it is necessary these days to ensure everyone’s safety.

Pro Tip: If your nanny family has guns in the house but doesn’t keep them secure, feel free to share this website about the different types of firearm locking devices and where to purchase. 

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nannies and guns

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A transcript of the video can be found below: 

Hi everyone, Laura from Nanny Parent Connection here.

It seems that gun violence and accidental shootings are in the news daily lately.

According to Bloomberg, the United States is the most heavily armed country in the world, by far. Recent data shows that there are 120 guns for every 100 people in our country.

Why should you care about this if you are a nanny?

Well, with numbers like that, the odds are that your nanny family likely has a gun in their home.

It’s estimated that 4.5 million children live in homes in our country with loaded and unlocked guns in their home which is a scary statistic.

According to the Global Health Policy website, the United States is the only country among its peers in which guns are the leading cause of death among children and teens. While only one percent of these shootings are accidental. Accidental shootings are, of course, highly preventable.

Here are some tips about how to navigate the firearm conversation with your nanny family:

You will want to ask your family about firearms in the home during the onboarding process.

I realize this can be an uncomfortable or difficult conversation to have, so here are my tips for how to bring this up:

A good time to bring this topic up is during the home tour.

Make sure that you ask if any firearms are kept in the home, where they are located, and if they are properly locked in a gun safe or with a firearm lock.

Another good time to bring this topic up is when you are discussing kids’ schedules, routines, or even your care philosophy.

Here is a sample script:

“Safety and good communication are extremely important to me as a nanny. On that topic, I wanted to ask if you have any firearms kept in the home, and if so, to check and make sure they are properly stored or locked up.”

Knowing about any guns in the home is also necessary when planning playdates.

Oftentimes, other families will want to know and be reassured that if there are any guns in the home, those are properly locked up in a gun safe or with a firearm lock.

Kids get curious, of course, so you need to know that your nanny family is doing their part to prevent any accidents.

By being comprehensive and making sure to cover this important topic, you can keep yourself and your nanny children as safe as possible.

Thank you so much for joining me today. I hope you found this video helpful.

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