“This is the best conversation I’ve had in months! I have been so worried… The market for childcare is really competitive. I am so glad I found Learning Guides.”

“I was so excited to learn about Learning Guides. This is exactly what we’ve been looking for.”

“We’ve been talking about finding someone to facilitate our kids’ learning and thinking we’d have to do all of the searching and interviewing ourselves, but then we found you.”

“Thank you for all of your help. We love Carly and the kids are so excited about their “tiny school”.”


Frequently Asked Questions


What safety precautions are in place? 

All families and Learning Guides should agree to refrain from “maskless” gatherings with strangers and to limit their social contact to their existing “pods”. We also suggest all families and Learning Guides commit to prompt communication and CDC recommended safety protocols. If you are sick, please stay home and notify your family or Learning Guide. Additional precautions may be agreed to by the family and Learning Guide.

If we go back to Phase 1 or Phase 2 and can no longer have our Learning Guide come to our home, how will this work? 

Learning Guides should be considered part of your family group, but if restrictions are established preventing your Learning Guide from coming to your home, we suggest putting your contract on pause.


What does this cost? 

The Learning Guide membership fee for families seeking a Learning Guide for a microschool is $499.99. For those families looking for a Learning Guide to work only with their children, the membership fee is $999.99.

What is included in a membership?

Your membership includes access to our experienced team who will work with your family to find the right Learning Guide for your family. We verify education, experience, First Aid/CPR certification and ensure a clear background check for all of our Learning Guide candidates, at no additional cost to you. Your membership also includes access to all of the tools available on our website (Pay Calculator, Last Minute Care Service, Library, CareCalendar, etc.), our Facebook communities (great for asking questions or starting discussions with other parents) and 365/year support from our expert team. 

Can we get a refund?

Yes, we can issue you a refund in two cases:

1) If, within 24 hours of purchasing a Learning Guide membership, you decide that this service will not work for you, or;

2) If our team has not presented any Learning Guide candidates to you within thirty (30) days from the date that you purchased the Learning Guide membership.

If any of the above events have occurred, immediately contact us via email by clicking here with your name, email address, mailing address and transaction number (found at the bottom of the emailed receipt that was sent to you after purchasing). We will issue you a full and complete refund of your Learning Guide membership fee within four (4) to six (6) business days.


What are the requirements to become a Learning Guide? 

We require a minimum of a post-secondary (AA or bachelors) degree and at least two years of experience working with children in learning settings. All Learning Guides must pass a thorough background check, which is included with your Learning Guide membership.

How do you select Learning Guides?

We are actively searching for great Learning Guide candidates. We look for Learning Guide candidates who have experience working with groups of children in learning settings. We look for people who are great with kids, who respect them as the “emerging adults” they are. We look for creativity, independence, flexibility, and a basic sense of fun. We look for maturity, confidence, and diverse backgrounds. But, above all, we look for good human beings. You can learn more by clicking here.

How long will it take to find our Learning Guide?

We are actively recruiting Learning Guides every day but the process isn’t simple – finding the right Learning Guide for your situation requires matching:

– Budget / rates
– Schedule / desired hours
– Children’s ages / Learning Guide’s experience
– Location
– COVID precautions
– additional requests

We’ll do our best to match you as soon as possible. The process might take up to four weeks, so please be patient.

Will we get to interview the Learning Guide? 

Yes. Once we have identified a potential Learning Guide for you, you will receive an email from our team describing the Learning Guide and sharing their resume. We will also send an email to the Learning Guide describing your microschool or family. If you are both interested in talking, you will be introduced by email and you can take it from there.

How long of a Learning Guide contract is required?

We suggest families and Learning Guides commit to a minimum three-month, 20 hour a week contract to start. But the exact length of the contract is up to each specific family and Learning Guide.

How are Learning Guides paid?

Learning Guides are paid directly by your family as a household employee. We have a tremendous amount of information in our Library about how to hire, employ and pay your Learning Guide. Access to our Library is included with your Learning Guide membership.

Are Learning Guides eligible for benefits?

You may wish to offer your Learning Guide guaranteed hours, a stipend for health insurance as well as paid time off.

How do we handle taxes for Learning Guides? 

Learning Guides are W-2 household employees. We provide information in our Library about how to handle taxes. 

Do you run background checks on Learning Guides?

Yes, we run a top tier Premium Plus background check on each of our Learning Guides as part of your membership. This is one of the most comprehensive background checks available in the United States today.  

What if the Learning Guide ends up not being a good fit?

We want to know immediately. We’ll get to work immediately to find you the right match. (Learning Guides, this goes for you, too. We want you to be happy!)

Is the membership fee refundable if we are unable to find a suitable Learning Guide?

If our team has not presented any Learning Guide candidates to you within thirty (30) days from the date that you purchased the Learning Guide membership, you may request a refund of your membership fee.

What happens if the Learning Guide becomes sick or is unavailable?

All Learning Guide families have access to all the tools and resources on our site. Check out our Last Minute Care Service and Verified Care Service for help if your Learning Guide is out sick, on vacation or otherwise unavailable.


What is the maximum number of families / children in a microschool? 

We suggest no more than six children from no more than four families in each microschool, but this is up to your discretion as long as your Learning Guide is comfortable with your proposed grouping.

Does every family in a microschool have to pay for a Learning Guide membership? 

If you have a single point of contact for your microschool, you only need to pay for one membership. If each family wishes to communicate with our Learning Guide Coordinator directly, additional memberships must be purchased.

If one family needed more/less hours, how would it work?

Contracts should be based on the minimum need. If families need more hours, they can negotiate directly with the Learning Guide and arrange individual payment for those hours.

What happens if someone in the microschool gets sick?

Communicate immediately to other members of the microschool as well as the Learning Guide. Keep everyone associated with the microschool updated so that the best decisions to ensure the safety of all can be made.