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Finding Before and After School Care: THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!

A lot of families are seeking help with before and after school care right now, and many are struggling to find nannies who are able to make so few hours of work per day and/or a split shift work for their schedule and income requirements.

I was chatting with several nannies who said the likelihood of them taking one of these positions offering very limited hours was highly dependent on two things: location and pay rate. If a position is very close to where they live, or is very close to another position they will be commuting to, they are more likely to take a before or after school position.

This got me thinking – what if nannies open to providing this type of care, and families seeking this type of care could search for one another by location? Enter The Before and After School Care Map!

If you are a care provider interested in offering before or after school child care, please click here to enter your location.

If you are a parent looking for a care provider for a few hours per week for before/after school care, please click here to enter your location.


My Best Advice…

Nannies are more likely to accept a before/after school position if it means an extra $50/day or more, for example. This means that to successfully attract candidates to these types of positions, you will need to offer a higher than average hourly rate. If you need care and are in the $25/hour range, it will greatly increase your chances of finding a care provider to help.

Here are some additional tips for finding before and after school childcare:

  • Start your search ASAP!
  • Consider a COMPENSATION PACKAGE, instead of just an hourly wage. This could include nanny industry standard things like guaranteed hours, mileage reimbursement, accrued sick pay time, and paid time off.
  • …and speaking of hourly rate, you may be looking at a rate of $20-$25+/hour for one child (some nannies put their rate for this type of care in the $25-30/hour range) due to a high demand and a low supply of care providers this schedule works for.
  • Consider offering MORE HOURS so that the position makes financial sense for a nanny. Perhaps you need some additional household management help with meal prep, groceries, laundry, dry cleaning or help making school lunches?
  • Consider separate care providers for the morning and the afternoon shifts to increase the likelihood of finding care.
  • Offer job perks to sweeten the deal and attract candidates to the position. This could be a coffee stipend, bus fare allowance, letting them know they can eat breakfast at your home, or maybe even do some studying if kids are still sleeping – get creative!
  • Consider an au pair if you have the space to host one.

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